OPPO A93: Smaller and lighter, but still just as powerful with advanced features  

Towards the end of June this year, we reviewed the then latest model in the OPPO A series, OPPO A92. Over 5 months since the OPPO A92 was introduced in the market, the brand has now unveiled its latest model in the A series with the launch of OPPO A93.

Let’s look at the enhancements and new features introduced in the A93 that were absent in the A92 as well as the similarities and differences between the two models.

First, the OPPO A93 is slimmer than its predecessor, the A92 which was comparatively more bulky. It is now wonder then that the A93 is lighter, weighing 164 grams whereas the A92 weighed 192 grams.


In terms of design, the OPPO A93 comes with an in-display finger print sensor (the same as in the OPPO Reno4) while the A92 had the finger print sensor on the right side, doubling up as the power button.

And even though the OPPO A92 had a 5000mAh battery, the latest model in the A series comes fitted with a 4000mAh battery capacity.

The other difference is in the screen display size where the OPPO A93 has a 6.43-inch display with dual punch-hole where as the OPPO A92 came with a slightly larger 6.5-inch display with a single punch hole.

The OPPO A92 was bulkier and heavier, but the OPPO A93 comes in an ultra-thin frame, with smooth-rounded edges. And as far as the A series goes in terms of design, the A93 is currently the slimmest and thinnest of the released models.

Both the OPPO A92 and A93 models however have 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage capacity that can be expanded via the SD card slot.

After the brief background and comparison between the A92 and A93, let’s now delve deeper and look at what other features and specs the OPP A93 presents the user with:

OPPO A93 – Features and Specifications:

Size and Weight Height: 160.14mm

Width: 73.77mm

Thickness: 7.48mm

Weight: 164g

Storage 8GB RAM

128GB of internal storage (expandable via SD card slot)

Display Size: 16.34cm / 6.43″ (diagonal)

Screen Ratio: 90.67%

Resolution: 2400×1080

Cameras Rear:

48MP Main Camera

8MP Wide-Angle Camera

2MP Mono Camera

2MP Mono Camera


16MP Front Main Camera

2MP Front Depth Camera

Shooting Mode: photo, video, professional mode, panorama mode, portrait, night mode, time-lapse photography, slow motion, etc.

Processor MediaTek Helio P95; Octa-core CPU
Battery 4000mAh
Cellular network Dual SIM card

SIM Size: Nano-SIM

Connectivity Bluetooth

USB Interface: Type-C

Earphone Jack: 3.5mm Jack Earphone

Operating System ColorOS 7.2 based on Android 10
Colour variants Magic Blue

Matte Black

Pricing Kshs 31,000
In the Box ·         Cell Phone (with built-in battery)

·         Charger (with Type-C cable and 3-pin plug)

·         Quick Start Guide

·         Warranty Card

·         Eject Tool

·         Earphones

·         Protective case

·         Protective film (already mounted on phone’s screen)


From the onset OPPO Kenya emphasised that there are four major features that define the OPPO A93. These being the resolution, which is a 6.43-inch display and 1080 by 2400 pixels screen resolution; the camera – a 48MP camera that gives every finer detail on every subject or object; the RAM – 8GB RAM equipped with Helio P95 to give the phone maximum performance while in use and also while playing games; and finally, the battery – the 4000mAh battery.

In the launch media release, OPPO Kenya’s Head of Communications and Projects Muthoni Wachira stated: “OPPO A93 introduces ways to optimize our customers’ phone’s battery life during the day or while they are asleep. We have equipped the device with the AI Night Charging that uses AI Learning through machine learning to understand the user’s sleep habits and charge the phone exactly to 100 percent upon the moment they wake up from their rest.”


The OPPO A93 has various features meant to help enhance the performance and life of the battery including power saving options which automatically detect usage scenarios then apply relevant power saving strategies. One of these is the Sleep Standby Optimisation feature which ensures that the phone runs in low power mode when the user is a sleep on but reverts to its normal power mode when the user wakes up and starts to utilize the phone.

With Optimized Night Charging, the phone learns from the user’s daily activity and charging routine enabling it to automatically control the charging speed at night and prevent overcharging, thereby ensuring that the battery doesn’t age faster.


One of the features I find useful and unique in the OPPO A93 is the Air Gestures functionality which enables the user to, through the wave of hand, answer an incoming call. Through this feature, all the user has to do is to hold their hand at a distance of about 20 – 40cm away from the phone, then wait for the hand icon to appear. Then they can wave their hand upward to answer the call. Quite handy especially in those situations where the user has a liquid or any other substance on the palm and is therefore not comfortable touching the phones keypads directly to pick an incoming call.

Security and Privacy

With security and user privacy being key concerns for everyone, this has not been lost on OPPO’s design and R&D team as the A93, just other OPPO models, comes fitted with features to ensure this is achieved.

Apart from the in-display finger print sensor, Face Unlock feature and password, the OPPO A93 also has the Emergency SOS and Secure Keyboard for enhanced privacy and security of the user.

The Secure Keyboard automatically switches on when the user of the device is keying in sensitive information. The Secure Keyboard doesn’t record the information (or combination) being keyed in, connect to the internet, or autocomplete words.

When one uses the Secure Keyboard, Private Safe, or other privacy-related features, the phone deactivates screen captures. Screenshot attempts will also be disabled, while screen recording will only capture a blank screen.

The Emergency SOS feature helps the user to make emergency calls and send out SOS messages to their contacts in times of distress. Once this feature is activated, one can call their emergency contacts by pressing the power button 5 times consecutively. Should the person in an emergency situation move beyond 200 meters from their previous location within 1 minute, the updated location is sent to your contacts automatically.

In conclusion, the OPPO A92 may have shipped with a 2.0GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor but we believe that the MediaTek Helio P95 processor which powers the OPPO A93 (coupled with the 8GB of RAM) will ensure optimum performance to the user.


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