How does information technology affect people’s lives in Sweden? 

The Swedish startup industry is one of the most innovative and bustling tech environments in Europe. Many professionals choose Stockholm as their next career anchor. Does it have an influence on everyday life in the country? It does – check, in what way!

Scandinavian countries may not be the first ones that you will associate with the IT industry, thinking rather of China or the USA in the first place. However, they are one of the most booming markets in Europe, being very innovative in the tech field, and creating favorable conditions for startups. In this context, Denmark is the leader among the Scandinavian countries, however, Sweden is definitely breathing down its neck. When it comes to startup development, you may consider Stockholm as one of the most promising hubs!

Swedish startups – everyday & environmental innovations

Due to very centralized topography, the Swedish capital is a place to be when it comes to launching software development or taking a closer look at tech trends. You may notice that the Swedish startup industry is particularly crazy for environmental innovation and the everyday life improvements that the technology can provide. Sweden was the first country in Europe to go cashless; cash is still in use in the country, but up to 80% of Swedes use paperless solutions. The Swish payment app is used by two-thirds of the population, and let’s remind that Swedish society is definitely not one of the youngest in Europe.

Tibber and other environmental apps

The most successful Swedish startups on the international level are the ones connected to ecology and sustainable lifestyle. Tibber can be a great example as one of the Swedish startups to watch. It is an app that allows the user to reduce their electricity bills by choosing more green energy and generating good habits. Result? Benefit both for the environment and the home budget. Tibber has gained attention both in Sweden and worldwide. The attention that the startups pay to the ecology is mirrored in the Swedish approach to life – growingly focused on sustainability and respect to the environment.

There are various other startups in Sweden that revolutionize the market by bringing green solutions to the sectors where fossil fuels have dominated for decades. The best examples are the Volta Trucks and Heart Aerospace. The first one is an electric truck company, and the second focuses on designing electricity-fueled aircraft – something we couldn’t imagine a few years ago from now.

The influence of the booming IT market in Sweden is visible at first glance – the Swedish community is more open and used to IT-based solutions and inspired to use it for the sake of the environment.

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