The benefits of using Boku at online casino sites

Boku is an online payment method used in online casinos. Most of its reputation comes from facilitating instant, fast, and secure casino deposits. There are numerous Boku Casinos that have embraced the new reality of phone bill payments because of the advantages it offers to consumers.

In fact, since its development, it has become the leading phone payment avenues for most UK online casinos. Those who have tried it when gambling online have already found this payment method beneficial. Let’s see the specific benefits of using Boku at online casinos. 

Using Boku is Super Easy

Loading funds through Boku to your casino account is super-fast and easy. The whole process takes less than a minute.

  • Step 1: The process of loading your mobile account using Boku is in 3 intuitive steps. Simply, navigate to your casino’s payment interface where there are three options: pay by e-wallets, credit/debit card, or pay by phone. When using Boku, you choose “pay by phone” and you get automatically redirected to Boku’s payment page.
    We know what you are thinking. If you have never used Boku you’ll first have to authenticate your number. You’ll be prompted to do so in a verification process that is via SMS and super-fast.
  • Step 2: Then, input the precise amount you’d like to load to your casino account, your number, and submit. Authentication is via SMS.
  • Step 3: Lastly, you’ll be prompted to confirm the deposit. Simply, type the letter “Y” and submit via SMS. The funds will reflect in your account instantly.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike credit/debit cards and e-wallets, Boku is free for all punters. Boku will not take a cut out of your deposit. This means that if you deposit £15, you will be deducted £15 from your phone credit and you will play with £15. Boku makes withdrawals and deposits super easy and free as it charges your operator, extinguishing much of your liability. The Boku process is pretty straightforward- it is a system made for with every punter in mind.

Supported and Regulated by Mobile Providers

All major UK mobile network providers accept Boku payment method when making deposits online. So, if you are on Vodafone, EE, O2, Three, or even Virgin Mobile- you’ll have no issues. Under Boku partnership with these mobile providers, the service is more extensive, more rounded, and safer. But, it is Boku that bears the “compliance envelope” responsibility. Since Boku sites accept these payments by phone, Boku is regulated by three mobile payment authorities.

  • AIME- the industry’s trade association that offers support and longevity
  • Ofcom –control’s UK’s communications
  • PhonepayPlus – it controls the pay by phone services in the UK

You Don’t Need a Bank

Most payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards will need to verify through your official bank account before you use them. This sounds okay. But it can be troublesome when you want to keep your punting habits from that shared account. But with Boku, all you need is a smartphone and a UK phone number. They don’t require your bank account or your card information. They let you do what you want to focus on – get playing your favorite casino game.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using Boku is security. When we talk about a payment that doesn’t require your bank details we mean you are also less exposed to hackers. With phone bill payment hackers will have no way to steal your personal or financial data. In fact, one of the leading Boku casino sites in the UK advises you to use Boku to make your casino activities more secure. It offers anonymity and hassle-free security.

And, all the communication between your smartphone and the casino server is encrypted. For someone to deposit with your name they’d need to know the password to both the account and unlocking your phone. In fact, the only security measure you need to have your account safe is the pattern lock to your phone or even a PIN.

Licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

Although Boku is increasingly being adopted by other countries in Europe and indeed around the world, it is a UK payment method. In fact, the majority of Boku websites are based in the UK and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. UKGC provides all the necessary information to the public and sets the trading standards for the punter industry. The platforms are safe to pay.


The Boku system is perhaps one of the simplest payment methods in the industry. With one click the transaction goes through. This is the convenience that every punter looks for. And, what sets Boku apart from other payment methods in terms of convenience:

  • Through a phone bill, one is able to have a complete visibility of the transaction
  • There’s a very low likelihood of revenue leakage
  • Customer care is incredible through phone bill payment
  • Its global reach potential is incredible. There are more phones than credit cardholders.
  • Ease of use makes it super convenient.

Limited Deposit Amount

Through Boku, you can only deposit a maximum of £30 a day. This seems harsh but the limit is to ensure you don’t gamble all your pounds. So, with these deposits being a loan, they might spiral out of control creating a very huge financial problem for you.

This £30 limit ensures that the debt from your phone operator remains at reasonable levels that you can easily pay. This seems harsh but the limit is to ensure you don’t gamble all your pounds. It is a system made with your best interests in mind by providing sufficient protection to your personal funds.

Boku is a UK innovation but it is convenient for everyone who uses itit. Its global coverage comes with multi-language customer support. The settlements are also multi-currency. But remember, you need a UK phone number to enjoy paying using Boku. Boku casinos sites are changing the way punters make their deposits. And the method is incredibly fast and secure. Try out Boku and good luck!

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