Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy, Satisfied, Motivated, and Productive

By Allen Brown

There is no secret art to improving your employees’ performance and retaining talented, hardworking staff. The method behind building a loyal team lies within the Golden Rule – treating them how you’d prefer to be treated. While this article will cover all the adjectives you want in your employees, there will be a lot of crossovers. Satisfied workers are usually somewhat motivated. Those who are motivated tend to be more productive than those who aren’t. Continue reading for more insight into methods of retention and creating higher job satisfaction within employees.

Provide Resources

Giving tools that make tasks less time-consuming and dreadful is the best way to show your concern for your employees. The experts from explained that investing in software that has the potential to remove some of the most tedious parts of the workday for your employees while also maximizing productivity is the best way to optimize your business processes. This is clearly a win-win both short term and long term.

Be Receptive

There’s nothing that will poison the workplace more than an inability to listen to your staff and to be open to making changes based on their suggestions. An easy way for any company to get left behind during a fast-moving era of technology is to be unwilling to adjust to the shifting tides of business and marketing. Now, more than ever, it is absolutely imperative for company heads to listen and be receptive to the ideas of their bottom line.

Follow Through on Promises

No one likes a person who makes all kinds of promises but never delivers. A lot of times, these types of bosses operate off of emotion. When they’re experiencing a high, they’ll promise things that they won’t even remember later. This ruins credibility and will cause employees to lose faith first in their boss, and then in the company.

Put Strong Leaders in Your Chain of Command

There’s a lot that can go wrong if the people in positions of power are unqualified, possess unfair biases, or care only about dollar signs and not about people or the company. On the other hand, a company can function just swimmingly if the people in your chain of command are passionate about their work and truly believe in the company.

Consider Some Office Feng Shui

There’s been a surprising amount of research done on the effects of office decor on work performance. Lighting alone has the power to impact people’s mood, and apparently, something as simple as a plant can boost productivity.

If you’ve ever had a teacher with a dull classroom, then you can remember what it was like walking into it—completely underwhelming and uninspiring. Do your employees and your productivity margins a favor and get some office feng shui!

Avoid Pointless Meetings

There’s nothing more irritating that will pollute your office with negative energy quicker than a meeting that could’ve been summed up in an email. Calling mandatory meetings that serve no real purpose takes people away from their work, which decreases productivity. Not only that, but they go back to their desk in a bad headspace and totally unmotivated. Of course, this will cause dissatisfaction and a drop in productivity.

Offer Professional Development and Incentives

Equipping your employees with whatever they need to be successful will prep them for when they venture out into the world of possibilities in their field. However, they may prefer to seek out opportunities in your company if you’ve provided them plenty of professional development and incentives for loyalty and improving their job performance. If there are no long-term benefits for staying with a company, then it’s likely they will wander to greener pastures.

Give Recognition and Show Genuine Appreciation

When your employees do a good job, why not give them recognition? Recognizing the hard work that’s been put into the betterment of the company is extremely underestimated in its effectiveness with motivating employees to aim even higher next time. Recognition can come in many forms such as verbal recognition in meetings, awards or prizes, and most importantly, bonuses.

Many businesses offer “employee of the month” recognition to someone who’s exhibited outstanding work ethic or progress in their duties. However, this award is completely useless if it’s not followed with words of appreciation from the person who gave the award. Giving genuine words of appreciation costs a company nothing and goes a long way with people in every category being discussed here. If you want your employees to stick around, then give out praise like it’s going out of style.

The best way to keep employees satisfied, but also motivated to work hard, is to incentivize them, which can be done in many ways, not just the ones mentioned in the article. If you verbally express your gratitude to employees, or better yet, give them monetary or material thanks, then you won’t have any problem with inspiring solid work ethic and high performance.


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