Five High-Paying Remote Jobs for the Tech Savvy

These days, more people are seeking out remote work. While many wanted to work from home before the COVID-19 outbreak, others are seeking out this type of work out of sheer necessity after they lost their office jobs. For whatever reason you want or need to work remotely, you will soon get a list of remote jobs that you can get if you are technologically savvy.

Online Tutor

If you want to search remotely for online tutor jobs, you’re in luck. In addition to students who need help with their schoolwork, today more parents want extra scholastic help for their children. So if you’re a subject matter expert, you might be able to easily find online tutor jobs.

To become an online tutor, all you will really need is an internet connection, a webcam, and a headset. Depending on the tutoring company for which you work, you might also need to install their software.

      Average Salary: $39,000


Today’s world has become more interconnected. For this reason, translation skills have become a lot more valuable. Multilingual individuals can definitely make money translating documents for different customers.

Translators receive either audio or written documents that you then translate from one language to another. Once you get a great professional reputation, you should experience no problem getting high-paying work.

     Average Salary: $50,000

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work remotely for entrepreneurs and executives. They perform many different computer-based tasks. Some of these tasks can include answering their client’s email, data entry, research, and writing reports.

If you have a ton of skills that you can offer business owners, become a virtual assistant. In most cases, you will only need a high school diploma to pursue most jobs.

    Average Salary: $33,000

Graphic Designer

The vast majority of computer-based positions can be done from home. That includes graphic design. In this field, you can create visual concepts that bring in eyes to your projects. This combines both technology and art. In this position, you can take 100% control of your workflow when you join the American gig economy. This allows you to live a flexible work life.

    Average Salary: $51,000

Social Media Manager

Companies often hire social media savvy individuals to manage their profiles. This allows the company to connect to their audience in a way that they understand. Social media managers schedule and design posts, respond to DMs and comments, and even monitor trending hashtags to see if their client would benefit from jumping on that bandwagon.

     Average Salary: $51,000

These remote jobs are just some of the work from home positions that will allow you to make a good living while doing meaningful work. These jobs are not only lucrative. Most of the jobs on this list don’t require you to have a degree. Even after COVID-19 ceases to vex us as it’s currently doing, that doesn’t mean that the work world will get less digital. Take advantage of this opportunity to polish some of your skills so that you can pursue work in these fields.


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