Cyber Security Training: Why Your Employees Need One

The pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons, and the main one is the importance of adaptation in a company and its ability to use technology to its advantage if necessary. The year 2020 saw a massive shift from high rise building offices to home offices. While companies did a great job of keeping their companies up and running, their employees lacked one key weapon, which would cause an ungodly amount of data to be put at risk. The weapon they were lacking? Cyber security training.

This article will discuss why, especially in today’s online climate, why cyber security training is so important.

Why Are Employees Targets of Cyber Attacks?

There is a huge skill gap in employees when it comes to cyber training. Studies show that roughly 60% of companies have cybersecurity positions open, but no potential prospects. This means that these employees who do not have a trained eye will not be able to spot attacks if they arise. If you’d like to give your employees the skillset to protect themselves and the company from cyberattacks, then consider a HIPAA Exams Security Awareness Course. With hundreds of thousands of employees working from home, training, and awareness in cyber security is a key factor in the safety of a company’s data.

For Monetary Gain

The most common reason that hackers go after companies’ unprotected employees for data is for money. Ransomware cases are a downside of technology’s history in business, and they are on the rise. Just like in any hostage case, hackers will freeze or lockout a company from their own networks and demand money to restore their access.

To Steal Sensitive Information

Many organizations have files that hackers would love to get their hands on. Things like employee or client information, source codes, bank information, or contract details could bring in a lot of prospective dollar signs. This kind of theft could cost a company not only hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it could also wipe out their entire client base if people no longer feel secure doing business after a cyber attack.

To Tarnish an Organization’s Image

There are many companies out there that would benefit from another company’s failure. A corruption of networks or files could be detrimental to an organization’s reputation. Companies that have a vast client base and an airtight reputation are the most susceptible to being hacked—unless they have a team of cyber security experts or have properly trained their employees on how to protect their data and networks.

Why is Cyber Security Training So Important?

Now, more than ever before is it absolutely imperative for employees to be well-versed on how to recognize a cyber attack and the proper protocol to follow in the case that it happens. Listed below are the main reasons why this is a crucial step in maintaining a business’s legitimacy.

1- Minimize the Possibility of Data Breaches

Data breaches could put your company at risk of losing money, clientele, and legitimacy in one foul swoop. Training your employees will minimize breaches in your company’s data and networks, a necessity in keeping your business, employees, and clients safe.

2- Hackers Are Evolving

As technology advances, so do the criminal minds that will exploit it. Hackers can be ruthless and relentless in their efforts to corrupt your networks and data, and only highly skilled IT professionals will be able to undo any damage done if that’s even a possibility. Most employees aren’t even aware of what a phishing attack looks like, resulting in 90% of cyber attacks being caused because of negligence.

3- Companies Have to Meet Compliance Regulations

Companies must be within the laws and regulations that go along with cyber security. Oftentimes, a specialist will need to be hired to keep the company in accordance with the requirements of the law. If a company does not fall in line with the laws’ requirements, then it could face serious legal and financial repercussions.

4- You’ll Facilitate Career Expansion

A trick of good management is to train your employees so extensively that they could move on and be successful if they wanted to, but to treat them so well that they won’t want to. By training your employees in cyber security, you’re adding another line to their resume that will make them a more valuable asset to any company.

If you have a growing business, then educating your employees on how to protect the company should be a top priority. This will also be a way of weeding out employees who don’t sincerely care about the company, as they will not show any interest or enthusiasm about the training. It might even be a good idea to integrate cyber awareness training into your onboarding process.

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