Google celebrates Kenya’s independence with a Doodle

Google has published a Jamhuri Day Doodle on its homepage to mark Kenya’s 57 years of independence, being marked on Saturday December 12, 2020. The animated Doodle of the Kenyan flag commemorates the freedom fighters who sacrificed and liberated the country from British colonialists.

“Doodles provide a way for Google to connect with its users by helping them celebrate important moments and national days,” says Dorothy Ooko, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Africa. The company began honouring people, events, anniversaries, and holidays with Doodles designed by one of its engineers in 1999.

Jamhuri Day also known as Independence Day is celebrated every year on 12 December, the day Kenya became a republic. Jamhuri is Swahili for the Republic. Parades, political speeches, feasts, and dancing troupes characterise the celebrations. President Uhuru Kenyatta will address the nation, award individuals who have excelled in different spheres of life while serving the country.

The celebrations will be live-streamed through all major media houses and social media platforms. It will be the third national holiday held since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, after the Madaraka and Mashujaa Day celebrations.


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