These Were the Most Played Mobile Games in Kenya in 2020

Mobile games are growing in popularity in Kenya. The phenomenal rise in the number of mobile phones is one of the factors behind this rapid increase.

The Digital Report for 2020 shows that mobile connections in Kenya rose to 52.06 million in January 2020. This number represents about 98% of the total population.

The number of internet users rose by 22.86 million, and the number of social media users increased by 8.8 million. These figures represent an increase of about 16% and 13% respectively in the last year.

In terms of mobile internet usage and smartphone penetration, Kenya is leading other nations in the continent. Consequently, more Kenyans now play mobile games. These are the games that were popular among Kenyan smartphone users in 2020.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is arguably the most popular game played in Kenya on a mobile device. Google Play store stats show that the game has had over 500 million downloads and more than 26 million reviews.

Built on our natural desire for sugary foods, the game adds sweetness to solving puzzles. There are unending opportunities to achieve goals on various levels.

Candy Crush is also socially integrated. It allows all players to compete alongside their Facebook friends.

This game is highly addictive, and it is available on all platforms, PC, web, and mobile.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Since 2013, Asphalt 8 has offered gamers one of the exciting car racing experiences. The name “Airborne” comes from the unique ramps that the car can use to take off in the air.

This game has different seasons. With each season, there’s a unique challenge and more complexity. Players start with a simple car and race against other opponents to win races.

Each win offers players credits to upgrade their cars or buy new ones. New racing cars are useful for playing in more difficult races.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG stands for Player’s Unknown Battleground. Recently, interactive multiple player games have become popular in Kenya; and PUBG is one of the most loved in this category.

To play this game, players must team up with three other players, arrive at an island using parachutes, and battle against their opponents.

A unique feature of PUBG is the personalization of characters. A player may select various items like outfits before the game starts or pick them up from fallen opponents during the game.

PUBG has a thriving online community in Kenya where new players can interact on social media platforms.

Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casinos offer Kenyans one of the fastest ways to play casino games.

Many years ago, the government licensed casinos in the country, and with the increasing popularity of mobile devices in Kenya, the majority of players in the industry have now turned to mobile casino gambling. Therefore, many land-based and online casinos are registered to provide mobile games to play for real money. And, according to, each of these mobile casinos is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms.

Some of them have their own apps, and the most popular ones include Betway, Ruby Fortune, Jackpot City, Casino Cruise, and Spin Palace. They offer a wide variety of games such as Online and Live Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Online Slots, and so on.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is a competitor to PUBG in the mobile internet arena. The mobile version came on stream in 2019, and it had more than a hundred million downloads within a week.

Call of Duty has a similar concept to PUBG.  A player works with other players and drops down with a parachute to an unknown island. Then they work together to defeat other opponents.

During a game, players may pick up various weapons and ammunition spread across the island for an advantage over their opponents.

Various battle modes are available, from simple to sophisticated warfare. Some battles take place in the open air, and others are within an enclosure.

Dream League Soccer 2020

In this exciting football game, players select their dream team from the array of players available in the system. The game allows teams to score goals, win tournaments, and move up to the Elite division in the league.

It’s possible to find the popular teams from the elite leagues in England, Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy. Only teams from the German Bundesliga are conspicuously absent.

The current edition of the game has introduced some club management features. It is now possible to customize team managers, upgrade stadiums, provide accommodation, and take care of injured players in a clinic.

What Does the Future Hold for the Mobile Gaming Market?

In a few years, the mobile gaming market in Kenya will keep growing at a steady rate. Statistics show that the market in Kenya was valued at $83 million (USD) in 2018, and experts expect it to rise to $153 million (USD) by 2023.

With the high penetration of smartphones and tablets, the mobile gaming industry in Kenya should experience growth in game development, sales, and player engagement in the near future.


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