Three awesome tools you should know when working from home

Working remotely has its perks and disadvantages. For one, you will have limited supervision and the freedom to work on your own terms. But, you might encounter a few problems along the way. That is why it is important to know some handy tools that you can rely on at any time. Whether you are looking for project management software or tools that can help you with administrative tasks, we got you covered. Here are our top picks when it comes to tools that can aid you when working from home. Keep on reading, and you might find your next favorite.

1.  Gogopdf

Not everyone wants to admit it, but working on some files can be a daunting task. Specifically, when your superior asks you to edit something from a PDF file or other formats. For example, converting Word to PDF, splitting files, sharing, combining, or compressing. If you do not have built-in software, it can get frustrating. But with Gogopdf, you won’t have to deal with such stress anymore. All you have to do is go to the tool that you want to use, upload the file that you want to process, and let Gogopdf handle the rest.

Gogopdf is an online suite that you can use in editing, creating, and scanning PDF files. In short, for anything that is PDF-related, you can depend on this website. Since it is a web-based tool, you do not have to download any software or application on your device. It is also an advantage that all the tools on this website are free to use. With over 20 tools, you will find everything you need on this website. Gogopdf also supports a long list of file formats when it comes to conversion. Whatever you do, you will experience a superb and seamless conversion process that will only take a few seconds.

2.  Pomodoro Web

As mentioned earlier, working from home has its challenges, and that includes focusing on work. Unlike in the office setting, it gets tempting to slack off, knowing that your bed is only a few inches away. To help you with that, you can take advantage of some Pomodoro timer apps. For the uninitiated, the Pomodoro technique is a productivity system where you schedule the number of breaks you take while working. Traditionally, you can fight burnout if you work for 25 minutes straight, then take a 5-minute rest. In those 25 minutes, you are expected to work with no distractions to keep your focus.

One app that can help you in scheduling your time is Pomodoro Web. It is a straightforward website that you can use and has all the features that you need. This web-based tool allows you to add labels to your timer. You can also adjust the time if you don’t want to follow the traditional 25 minutes. It allows you to increase how many Pomodoro rounds you want before going on an extended break. Pomodoro also provides statistics and provide insights into when your most productive days are. You will also see a comparison of your performance each week.

3.  Slack

When collaborating, you will need a communication tool to reach out to your colleagues. If you and your team are still undecided, you can check out Slack. This website is the up and coming communication tool that makes brainstorming sessions more efficient. It has a few useful features that allow you to customize your channel. You can create multiple channels on the platform, which makes it ideal when there are different departments in your team. Of course, voice and video calls are free, and you can even share files up to 300 MB. Slack has redefined teamwork and productivity in any office setting. Anyone can access Slack using any browser. There is also an available application that you can download from the app store to get notified. Like the other tools here in this article, Slack is also free to use. But you can also upgrade to a higher tier to get more features. But practically speaking, the free version of Slack should be sufficient for team communications.

Simplify your tasks when working from home

Nowadays, it is better to work smart, compared to working hard. That is exactly why these kinds of tools are created. Take advantage of these free web-based tools and see how your performance can drastically improve. Not only that, but you also get to save time and resources! Bookmark these tools today!


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