Using Video to Sell Your Wares

If you sell a physical product or a demonstrative service, advertising is a key component to advancing your sales. There are many ways of advertising your business, but some entrepreneurs are seeing a lot of success when they use video marketing. It is not just on the cutting edge of technology, but using this form of advertising has many bonus advantages for you to find out about. Keep reading for some of the best ways video marketing can showcase what you are selling.

  1. Forge a Personal Connection With Your Potential Customers

With such competition for the attention of their potential customers, some business people have found it useful to advertise with video. If you are involved in real estate, you could do a video about Bigger Pockets real estate. Bigger Pockets is an online community centered around real estate investing. It is a social network, marketplace, and educational hub for its more than 1.6 million members.

Real estate has used video tours and other forms of marketing to create an intimate connection with their potential property buyers. In addition, using video content allows your audience to engage with your content and can lead to many more purchases. Video also makes it easier for viewers to transition into buyers. It is essential for reaching as wide an audience as possible.

  1. It Is More Memorable Than Other Types of Content

Often, written content does not stick in the mind well. We are shown hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements every single day. As a society, we are becoming increasingly desensitized to certain forms of marketing. The overly common “banner ads” make little impression on us. Even if an advertising campaign does catch our attention, it is rare for an internet user to engage further with the brand. However, the companies that rely on commercial video to sell their products can rest assured that their message is a little harder to ignore. Consumers are far more likely to recall and engage with videos than they are with written content.

  1. Bring Life to What Your Consumer Base Has to Say

Customer testimonials will prove to bolster your business and expand your audience while converting visitors to paying customers easily and with little effort on your part. It is recommended for companies to form a public group and make their video testimonials accessible to the wider community. Use particularly glowing testimonials to advertise your goods. Having them filmed or preserved on video can reach people on a deeper level than through written feedback. It is known that potential customers trust the feedback of another customer to that of the company or business itself.

  1. Reach a Wider Audience

One of the most immediate benefits that you will see with a video marketing campaign is the much larger amount of people who will lay their eyes on your product or service. There are many video marketing platforms that guarantee you an expansive reach, all for free. It is by far the most cost-effective method of getting your message out there. Make videos available to be shared and posted on various websites. Your customers can do a lot of advertising for you. Videos are more likely to be shared than other forms of advertising.

  1. Customize Your Marketing Message

Far and away, the largest draw of video marketing is the ability to customize the product and make it look however you want. You can look at some tutorials and really let your creativity run wild. Video can connect with your customers on an emotional level and build trust with them. Your customers want to know, trust, and respect your brand. A video marketing campaign that can make them like you is all most businesses need. Video is more exciting than written copy and can express any message that you have.

Much written content is dry, sterile, and about as exciting as watching grass grow. Video, however, can be customized to fit your brand. It can reach a much wider audience and it can build trust with your customers. With technology advancing as rapidly as it is, there are countless new developments in the world of video editing every day. Maybe your video will go “viral” and garner a ton of “shares,” building a huge following behind your brand.


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