Top 3 Solitaire Apps Everyone Should Sip on

We all love card games, don’t we? And for that, there are countless apps from hundreds of gaming companies available in places like the App Store. Whether at home or on a bus, while working or waiting, classic solitaire games like Klondike and Pyramid can be squeezed into every aspect of our lives. But which apps should you download? Well, this list will help.


The first free solitaire app on our list is, of course, ‘Solitaire’ by MobilityWare. This is the perfect choice if you want to play the original form of the game – Klondike! This game from Klondike has been in the App Store for an astounding 10 years, and it ranks #5 among ALL casino games on the platform. On top of that, this app achieved a rating of 4.7/5 based on more than 1 million reviews and has a fan base of around 100 million players. With MobilityWare’s solitaire app you can earn rewards like crowns and trophies when you finish daily challenges. You can even compete in leaderboards, and customize the scenes, card backs, and rules to your liking for a completely personalized experience!

Solitaire Deluxe 2

Play Now by Mobile Deluxe is another home runner. In this app, you can play over 20 different types of solitaire card games, including rare variations like Canfield & Golf. To add more, such an app generated a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community and has a very intuitive interface and a beautiful theme-based playing screen. The great thing about ‘Solitaire Deluxe 2’ is that you can group up with friends in the app and then play solitaire in teams, making it more exciting. You can even receive detailed statistics on your gaming progress. Although this is a free solitaire app, going premium brings you more interesting elements like guided tutorials on how to play each unique variation of the game.

Solitaire Masters

The final app on our list is another fan-favorite – ‘Solitaire Masters’ by Monster Brain Studios. In ‘Solitaire Masters’ you can play LIVE one-on-one rounds of Klondike solitaire online with millions of players from across the world. Well, if you play solitaire tournament style, then eight players go head to head in real-time to be crowned the solitaire champion, which you can’t do in any other solitaire app. Also, such an app can give you hints when you’re stuck so you can advance further. It’ll even let you play quick mini-games like the wheel of fortune and take away free prizes. However, the most useful feature by far in ‘Solitaire Masters’ is that you don’t even need to have an internet connection to enjoy your game. This small but handy addition once again makes ‘Solitaire Masters’ stand out among the rest of solitaire apps.

Tap on Download!

Now that you know the free solitaire card games that you should pack your phone with, what are you waiting for? Go download them now and make solitaire your new favorite pastime. And given the added benefits of concentration and critical thinking that you’ll inherit, it’s all the more reason to start shuffling with these classic solitaire card games.

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