Top 10 trends in the diet and nutrition industry for 2021

The year 2020 was a highly unexpected one that managed to induce feelings of anxiety and stress. It changed almost every sphere of our lives, changing priorities, social connectivity, and even diet and nutrition. People are becoming more conscious about their health and trying to adopt a holistic approach to wellness.

With the New Year approaching fast, it is safe to say that the nutrition and diet industry will undergo significant changes. Are you wondering which trends will reign in 2021? Read on to earn more about the future of the industry.

While people were already on the path of adopting healthier food choices, it has become more imperative given the current situation. If you are wondering how the diet and nutrition industry will change in the coming year, here are ten trends that will be powerfully impacting what you eat:

1.    Preference to immunity boosters

Immunity has become the buzzword and will continue to be so in the coming year. It is becoming essential to focus on consuming food not only as a means to satisfy hunger but for overall health. Not only that, but the food industry is also keen on creating products with added nutrients that can boost immunity and keep us healthy.

2.    Improving mental health

Given the unprecedented situation, stress, anxiety, and depression have become more prevalent. Due to this, mental health has also become crucial. Even though food can’t cure mental health issues, it can help improve overall psychological well being. It is essential to consume a minimally processed diet that is rich in nutrients to improve mental wellbeing. CBD may help improve your health with the stress-reducing compounds in it. If you want to incorporate CBDfx gummies into your diet or lifestyle, consult a doctor or an expert for the recommended dosage.

The food and beverage industry’s key players will focus on products that contain antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats, and CBD to promote mental health.

3.    Sustainability takes center stage

Around 62% of people choose a positive impact on the environment through their day-to-day actions rather than economic growth. With the effects of climate change becoming more evident, consumers are inclined towards sustainability. Owing to this, 42% of users are now buying items that are sustainably produced. Climate change is the one trend that will be most prominent in 2021.

4.    Expansion of plant-based foods

Plant-based foods became increasingly popular, and they are here to stay. Meat eaters are willing to adopt a flexitarian diet by substituting animal meat with plant-based ones. While it is impossible to turn vegan altogether, people are eager to reduce their dependence on animal products.

5.    Greater transparency

Consumers are demanding food companies to ensure transparency around the life cycle of their products. They need a background story about where the products come from, how it is produced, and how it reaches them. Companies will be driven to use environment-friendly practices or partake in philanthropic activities to build consumer’s trust.

6.    Moderation will be the key

Until now, the food industry operated on extreme ends of the spectrum, but the year 2021 will help bridge the gap with moderation. Wondering how? By bringing a balance between decadent and functional, alcohol and sober culture, or even taste and health.

7.    Appreciation of local food sources

The lockdown in 2020 has a massive impact on food channels, forcing people to opt for locally sourced food. There was more dependence on nearby grocery stores, markets, and restaurants, all offering local food. The interest in using food from nearby areas will only grow in the coming year.

8.    Focus on kids nutrition

Parents have become more aware of supplementing their child’s diet to build immunity. They are focusing on offering not only nutritious but also enjoyable meals to children while they are at home. In the coming year, parents will want to give their children natural ingredients to supplement their diet.

9.  The emergence of gut microbiomes for wellness

While people are already focusing on building gut health to curb digestive issues, gut microbiomes will become mainstream for wellness. Companies will offer microbiomes products to help with metabolic conditions, immune system, weight management, and better emotional wellbeing.

10.  End of diet culture

People have become exhausted from rigorous diets and supplements that yield minimal or no results. It is expected that in the next year, people will ditch weight loss programs or extreme diets and adopt a balanced approach. Rather than running after unattainable body standards, consumers are embracing happiness, health, and strength.

Final Thoughts

The global health crisis has managed to transform consumer preferences entirely. The focus has shifted from convenience to utility, building immunity, and following sustainable and transparent practices. If you wonder how the diet and nutrition industry will change in the year 2021, the trends given above can offer you an insight into the future.

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