Six beneficial things to know about broken link building

Broken link building is the tactic that’s about finding resources in your niche that are not live anymore. You create a new version of the content and contact webmasters who have links to that content. The aim is to ask them to replace the broken link with a link to this new resource you’ve created.

This way, you’re helping the webmaster clean up their site, and at the same time, building links to your site. So, here are the six things you must know about the broken link building.

1.    The number of links you can get every month

The number of links you earn each month depends on the quality of your targeted websites, efforts, and industry. For instance, you can quickly get Cannabis SEO Backlinks for high-quality blogs because of the volume of online content that’s already present about it.

2.    Targeting to get the links from the right website

Your best bet is to target a publication or blog’s resource pages (a resource or content library) or individual articles. It’s better not to waste time on the links from social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, or even news sites.


3.    The process to follow for broken link building

Start by entering the right keyword in Google, and click on an URL from a website that seems like it can get you links. Use a browser extension/add-on for checking the links. Upload the links to a link building tool and reach out to the webmaster, also promote your weed online  business.

4.    The right way to contact webmasters

Sending an email to or will hardly get you any response. You need to research well and find the right contact. Even when you find that contact, try to build a rapport with the webmaster instead of straight-up asking for links.

5.    Keep the approach short instead of being pushy

The broken link outreach email needs to mention the link and location, along with the suggestion for the right replacement and what makes the replacement so right. Remember that you need to make the pitch without being pushy.

6.    Do not spend too much time on dead websites

You will come across broken links on abandoned websites now and then. Sending outreach emails to such sites is an exercise in futility because they wouldn’t care about broken links if they don’t even maintain it.


Broken link building might be a time-consuming endeavor, but it works wonders if you have access to a comprehensive Broken Link Building Guide. Besides, once you get the hang of things, you’ll notice that the process gets a lot easier and streamlined. So, keep all these pieces of advice in mind, and get on with your link building exercise without further delay.

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