What You Should Know About WordPress Plugins

Plenty of people have been sequestered at home in the past year or so, working and trying to make it through the global health crisis. While it is hard to be as productive as we would like during these turbulent times, it’s actually not a bad move to pick up new skills or start our own personal project. With so much economic uncertainty, it makes total sense to either get a new practical skillset under your belt or start a blog to help advertise your small business venture.

One way to go about doing this is starting your own WordPress, and learning how to navigate it as much as possible. WordPress remains the standard when it comes to having and maintaining sleek digital platforms, ones through which you can effectively communicate your ideas and services to a broader audience. Navigating WordPress plugins can be a bit tricky, but it’s worth the effort and research. The following are a few things to keep in mind when learning about WordPress plugins.

Customizable Options

WordPress on its own is incredibly powerful, albeit a rather basic solution. While you can definitely make a few changes to the ways in which your site looks and acts, provided that you are familiar enough with HTML and CSS, you’re not given a whole lot of leeway. This is where themes and plugins come into play since they allow you to customize according to your own needs.

While themes are helpful in providing useful upgrades to your site’s layout and appearance, they do not always provide intuitive solutions when it comes to fine-tuning the site’s functionality. Plugins on the other hand allow you to add new features and functionality rather easily. You can find a whole slew of simple plugins to add only one new but vital feature, such as a contact form, or an image gallery. With more sophisticated plugins, you can revamp the ways in which your WordPress site functions from top to bottom. For example, you can build a storefront, get better search optimization going, build a public forum, and so on. Think about what you envision this site to look like, and you’re bound to find the means to accomplish just that.

More Than Aesthetics

While the look of your site is incredibly important, you ostensibly want a tool that combines functionality with style. If you’re on the lookout for a plugin that has both capacities – make your WordPress site look beautiful while also enhancing its functionality – then it’s worth taking the time to find more sophisticated themes. The experts at Templatic recommend themes that can help you add everything from portals to help manage events, to business directories that are also responsive and will help you stay in touch with important followers or business associates, and even online booking themes that will enable you to get your travel agency or similar enterprise off the ground. For most website managers, finding a theme or plugin that effectively combines beautifully composed graphics with the functionality required by other business modes, or even building an online magazine is smart and well worth the effort. It will help you save time and money in the long run.

Plugins and Speed

One important thing for you to be aware of is that downloading or activating too many WordPress plugins can definitely slow down the amount of time it takes for a user to load the page. These days, few things can spell a website’s death faster than a painfully slow webpage. Make sure that you don’t download more WordPress plugins than you need. Keep the user functionality of your site as clean and streamlined as possible. Bear in mind that most users ditch a website these days if it doesn’t load in just three or four seconds, so don’t be tempted to overdo it when it comes to themes and plugins.

Be Careful with Security

While having open-source plugins available and accessible to all is a great thing, it may also leave you vulnerable to hackers. For this reason, it is generally recommended to either bump up the security of your website by contacting an expert in this arena to help, or to keep the number of plugins used to a minimum. The more plugins you use, the more vulnerable you could be to an attack.

There are a great number of plugins available these days, many of which are made by talented and insightful developers. However, before downloading and activating too many of them, make sure to do some of the necessary research, and figure out what your needs will be. Depending on that, you are bound to find fun and interesting ways of making your WordPress site more lively and dynamic.

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