TikTok creators to watch out for in 2021

Throughout 2020, TikTok continued to be a place for people from all walks of life to be entertained and inspired. While the platform’s global community of creators expressed themselves through dance, music and comedy, many also used their platforms to educate others on various life hacks and fun activities to help them sail through the challenging times.

Now, as we embrace the New Year, we’re shining the spotlight on a list of local creators with incredible skills and talents that everyone should watch out for this year. These creators are all bringing something remarkable to the platform.

  1. Living life the positive way despite circumstances

We start with brayo_wheels who, through his content, is motivating the physically-challenged to approach life in a fun and positive way. He is using the platform to inform people about a quadriplegic’s lifestyle and how he is still able to do (in his own way) what able-bodied people can do. His content has attracted 83,000 followers to date. Check out some of him inspiring videos, here:

  1. Helping deserving children dance out hardships

Moesha_254 is a professional dancer who creates short videos to showcase her skills while inspiring children living in the slums and going through hardships. She has a heart for community service and does her dance skits effortlessly. Here is how she creates content with these fun-loving children:

  1. Rib-cracking on another level

From simple beginnings to big screens, Flaqoraz is undoubtedly Kenya’s fastest rising comedian. Known for his ability to create unique, hilarious clips where he features several characters like the famed ‘Mama Otis’, which will leave you in stitches. His TikTok handle has attracted over 279,000 followers.  See how he seamlessly plays timeless characters, here:

  1. Showcasing Kenya’s funny side

Kenyans are known to be humorous and Alvanlove is no different. He uses TikTok to keep locals and the global community up to date with jokes Kenyans make out of each and every happening in the country. He populates his account with typical Kenyan humour that is relatable to the masses. More than 76,000 followers love his content to bits.

  1. Travel junkie

Dave_mani is a travel junkie. The Canadian expatriate living in Kenya documents in short fun videos his and his wife’s travel adventures as they explore Kenya’s beautiful sceneries from the shores of the beach to the national parks and game reserves. Take a look here:

  1.  Breaking down legal jargons

Bobmuigai is fast gaining popularity not only because he creates entertaining content but because he is also helping his audience understand Kenyan laws and their implications. In some of his more recent posts, Bob explains the recently introduced digital services tax that came into effect this year. Understanding law has never been this easy.  Here are some of his educational videos:

  1. Tricks to elevating your look

If you need to discover some of the best makeup looks or just get tips on the latest makeup trends, then you need to follow Makeover_by_ceecee. In fun short clips, CeeCee is able to provide makeups that not only help to boost the confidence of her followers but boost the joy in their day too. She is known to give fans the scoop on how she comes up with her make-up makeovers. Take a look at the power of makeup transitions depicted in her videos, here:

  1. Waist of a beast

Describing herself as a fulltime dancer with an angelic face, Ajibgathoni pulls surprise dance styles with every post she uploads. Her ‘waist of a beast’ completes her magical moves that made her following grow significantly since she joined the platform last year. Her account got verified a few months after joining TikTok, and she now has over 129,000 followers.

  1. Codename is “fun life”

The fun life is all about positive vibes – this is Requin45’s niche.  As you laugh out loud at Regina’s funny videos, what’s outstanding is the quality of her videos, which has improved consistently. Active participation in TikTok challenges has significantly contributed to her growing fame. She has grown from an unknown creator with few followers to a verified account within only 6 months.

  1. Dance rich in form and content

If you are looking to learn new dance moves or just enjoy short skits showing how students outdo their teacher, then you need to watch out Nedyparezo! The creator has a rich pool of dance video content that keeps you hooked until the end.


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