How Artificial Intelligence can change the Digital Marketing industry

Artificial intelligence is repeatedly changing the mode of the new trends of the digital marketing industry. The digital marketing industry is more of the making change and associated with many data analysis. Artificial intelligence is the future of the new digital world era.

Digital marketing is mainly associated with mainly four activities that are link building, guest posting, content writing, and SEO. These four activities cannot be done correctly without the utilization of artificial intelligence. For example, you can take the link building services. For link building, the analysis of the keyword cannot be done without accurate data.

Even if we want to analyze the authentication of the new data sites, the data analysis is the first step, and without Artificial intelligence, that is not possible. The digital marketing field is entirely based on artificial intelligence as the different search engines are using the artificial intelligence tools for doing the data analysis job.

What is AI?

Ai is a part of computer science that can understand the mode of intelligent instructions. Data analysis is the part of Artificial intelligence. The data analysis helps the digital marketing specialist understand the customer’s unique needs along with the marketing trends. The Al is not as intelligent as humans, but other than that, the artificial Al is the language by which the computer is learning the mode of human instructions within a very short time period.

Five important roles of AI over the Digital Marketing industry

Artificial intelligence is repeatedly changing its mode, and this update has repeatedly influenced the digital marketing field. The algorithms of SEO are getting updated every day, and the digital marketing field is also getting updated.

Here are the basic five roles which are completed by artificial intelligence.

1. Digital Advertising

Digital marketing is all the matter of collecting the data and processing it, setting it then giving the reply. The database’s decision-making is becoming easier and reaction time is very less than usual. Digital advertising is the perfect place where the data analysis is entirely done by artificial intelligence.

The digital marketing platforms are functioning with the data analysis part. The digital marketing platforms are analyzing the customer’s data, which gives them a better understanding of their customer needs, and the data analysis, which is entirely functioning by Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is improving as the digital marketing strategy is changing and developing. The digital marketer can spot the micro-trends with the utilization of these AI-based tools. 

2. Content Marketing

Digital marketing is entirely based on SEO based content with the perfect keywords. The digital markets want to create contents that can easily bring their customer’s attention. And for these, you have to understand the customer’s requirements.

Finding the targeting audience and creating the right shareable content making is becoming an easier job with the help of AI.

For example, you can take YouTube is giving you a suggested video list related to your previous searching record. The content marketer and the digital marketers are using these tools to make the perfect SEO-based written and video content files, websites, and blogs. 

3. Recognize and Analyze the Data

The recognition and the processing of the customer’s data is a part of profitable CRM. When you are applying the AI, your potential customer data shorting is becoming easier, and the combination of the big data is analyzing the customer requirements.

The recognition of the potential customers on the basis of their previous search and the previous brewing history is helping you to find the accurate customer requirements.

Even the customer’s data helps you to understand how you can boost your digital advertisements on the social media page or web.

4. Profitable Email Marketing

Email marketing is helping marketers to keep a good relationship with their current customers. The AI helps you send the relevant market research product list for your customers, and the relevant product mails are helping your customers to find their desired products.

Digital marketing campaigns are all time the most effective part of doing marketing on the web. The digital marketing campaigns are helping you find the customers in the chain process. Digital marketers are helping their customers by Ai based email marketing, which helps them to optimize their search in a more efficient way.

The more dynamic way of email marketing is making a long time impact on the customers. This dynamic way is not coming from the traditional approach of marketing. The content, subject, and relevant subject’s products must be analyzed to understand the recent market trends, which can only be possible with a robust AI.

5. Use of the Chabot’s

The AI is promoting a better understanding of the different customer languages and can convert them to the marketer’s language, and the machine conversion is becoming easy and more cost-effective.

The chatbot method s is just doing the opposite of the traditional customer service one to one method. The searching and sorting of the customer’s needs are the primary targets of the chatbot concept. The chatbots are the perfect example of modern AI. The 24×7 hour customer supports are provided by the chatbots.

The chatbot is answering the customer’s queries on the basis of their language and the time zone. The customers can choose their communication language and the mode as per their requirements. This process is making the digital marketing field vast and more efficient.


AI is becoming a more profitable and easy tool that helps the digital market to find recent and future market trends. To make your brand recognition is no more hard work for the marketer. The marketer can easily understand the marketing trends and the different customer requirements.

The less time it takes to make your brand name, and you can quickly meet the customer expectations with perfect data analysis. The AI makes our work easier, more effective, and a different business module is implemented by the AI, making digital marketing more profitable than traditional marketing.

(Shane Brown is a passionate blogger and chief blogging officer at and Viacon and Seogrowthengine. He is the man behind Search Engine Magazine, a well-known SEO Magazine. Shane specializes in inbound marketing and creative sales copy).


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