Brenda Wairimu on Monica S3, and learning to let go of her “rude” character in real life

It’s been two years since Brenda Wairimu last played the titular social climber in the drama series Monica, a role that introduced a “tough-talking and street-smart” Brenda many fans had never seen before. Up until she became a “villain we all love to hate” as she describes her Monica character, Brenda was Kenya’s onscreen sweetheart, known for roles in popular shows like Changing Times, Mali and MTV’s Shuga.

In a previous interview, Monica creator and producer Scolly Cheruto revealed that she wasn’t sure whether Brenda “would pull off the ghetto persona” but was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

With Brenda as its lead, Monica became an instant hit, and finally got the talkability it deserved when it premiered on Showmax in 2019. It even earned the actress her first Kalasha Awards nomination as lead actress in a TV series.

Watch more from this interview in the video below:

Now she’s back, after the Kenyan drama series was picked up by Showmax for a third season. But two years is a long time. At first, Brenda was nervous about coming back for a new season.

“I wasn’t sure I still had Monica with me so starting off was a bit shaky. I’m glad to have had those read-throughs because through that I found my footing, and now she’s here like she never left,” Brenda says.

Of course, Monica is nothing like her but Brenda is in the zone playing her, and she’s enjoying every moment of it. “I’m living through her and I love it. I love playing people who are fearless and who just take the world by its horns.”

However, now that she’s found Monica again, Brenda is having a hard time letting her go. “I’ve started being a little rude to people and it’s not intentional. I love playing Monica so I carry her with me a lot and I’m having to catch myself so as not to bring her into my real life.”

While season 1 and 2 focused more on her messy personal life, Monica’s journey this season will see her chase her political ambitions at the governor’s office. The limits of her ambitions remain to be seen, but Monica has shown us in the past that she will do anything to get what she wants.

There’s trouble brewing in her love life as well as she digs herself deeper into a love triangle with the love of her life, Mariga (Ephy Saint, Tahidi High), and the Governor’s son, Bob Jiwe (Fidel Maithya, Selina).

Is this the season that Monica’s lies finally catch up with her? Brenda is cautious about spoilers, saying, “The twists and the turns are crazy; the love is passionate and we have new characters who are also exciting to see on screen.”

Catch Brenda Wairimu on Monica S3 on Showmax with new episodes releasing weekly.


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