LG’s OLED TVs honored at Emmy Awards for superior technology

LG Electronics has been honored at the 72nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for its consumer OLED TV, renowned for its superior quality, and used for reference displays by major Hollywood movie studios.

The LG OLED TV has become popular with content developers, producers and distributors worldwide thanks to its capacity to meet the high quality standards of the professional creative community.

LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company senior vice-president for R&D Nam Ho-jun said the accolade is a testament to OLED TV’s ability to deliver the best home viewing experiences, allowing customers to enjoy shows they love just as their creators intended them to be seen.

“We are extremely proud that LG OLED TV has been acknowledged with one of the TV and broadcasting industry’s most iconic awards,” said Ho-jun.

Established by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 1948, the Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards honor innovation in broadcast technology and recognize significant contributions to television engineering.

“This recognition highlights LG’s continuing innovations to enhance and evolve the television to meet reference studio specifications. LG OLED TVs are highly valued by many of the world’s top production studios and renowned creators for their exceptionally accurate color reproduction, and unsurpassed contrast,” explained Ho-jun.

LG OLED TVs deliver optimized video processing, best-in-class calibration, high degree of interoperability with support for a large number of video and audio formats, and various other features developed specifically to meet the needs of professional content creators.

“Able to faithfully replicate a director’s creative intent, revealing every detail and nuance with the precision of its self-lit pixels, LG OLED is popular as a reference display,” said Ho-jun.

By being able to render motion as precisely as they reproduce colors, LG OLED TVs are also a common feature in live sports production facilities around the world.

Praised by consumers and industry experts, LG OLED TV delivers superior image quality with its self-emissive pixel technology, backlight-free structure, and independent pixel-dimming control.

Impressive contrast ratio, deeper blacks, wide viewing angle and fast response times give LG OLED an edge in the premium TV category.

This latest recognition comes on the heels of other award-winning LG innovations in the rapidly evolving field of smart, connected, ultra-high definition televisions.

Recently, LG Electronics received a Technical Emmy for developing and deploying HTML5 for a full TV experience as well as an Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) for developing and deploying 1D & 3D LUT based hardware level CalMAN calibration with its OLED TVs.

Previously, LG’s U.S. R&D subsidiary, Zenith Electronics LLC, was awarded Technical Emmy Awards for such pioneering developments as the first wireless TV remote control, industry standards for HDTV and stereo TV, and flat-screen displays.


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