What are some trending social media management tools of 2021?

By Ani Johnson

As the world starts to recover from the unprecedented effects of Covid-19, every other small and large business organization is opting for substitute digital channels to upsell their services.

With the advancement of the technological revolution, billions of users are now using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Along with these multiple platforms arises a vast wave of buyers.

Be it for work purposes or any personal objective, social media marketers have a hard time creating and managing content for various users. It is not viable for many small to medium establishments to carry out such operations with a small team.

Thankfully, the world has offered some stupendous Social Media Management Tools that help keep a smooth flow of activities.

Why do we need Social Media marketing tools?

The way we all hope 2021 is going to be a prosperous year, marketers believe in new and upgraded management tools that will enable them to automate, analyze, rationalize their workflow and help save time.

These tools offer web-based solutions to make marketing, managing, and engaging customers much simpler and easier. A successful social media strategy can only be executed when in command of such a centralized management system so that the output can be delivered perfectly. At the same time, you can also look at the best mobiles under 15,000.

How to choose the perfect management tool?

Before you look into the list of the best tools for 2021, you must be wise enough to evaluate the selection criteria for the same. Following are some suggestions that might succor you on your path:

  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in strategies
  • Perceptive analytics and reports
  • Multiple account support over different platforms
  • Cost
  • Accessibility
  • Content publishing and optimization features
  • Community management and client engagement

Here are some of the trending Social Media Management Tools to spice up the 21st year:

1.      Hootsuite

It is one of the best and most widely used social media tool which provides an all-in-one platform. The functions allow you to schedule content, filter through multiple accounts, and even customize reports.

2.      Sprout Social

Another leading management tool, similar to Hootsuite in many ways, has a Single Stream Inbox, which allows you to manage all messages over a single platform. From reporting, monitoring, and scheduling, Sprout Social comes along with a special feature of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well.

3.      Agora Pulse

It is one of those platforms which has been specially designed to assist agencies and organizations to keep track of contents, reports, and manage accounts over various social media networks.

It has automated moderation tools to monitor replies on posts, mentions, and respond  to important messages. A CRM database can also be built with the help of this tool. Competitor analysis and Facebook contest apps are some other cool features that it offers.

4.      Hubspot

Hubspot is basically a marketing tool that merges all your efforts into a single platform. It allows you to manage various features such as CRM, SEO, social media accounts, and emails single-handedly.

It is not only limited to these. You can even compare your results over the marketing channels that you have and measure your investment returns with the help of Hubspot.

5.      Sendible

Sendible is also considered one of the best social media management tools specifically designed for teams with a large number of clients. It acts as an all-around manager for all your messages, contents, and reports for multiple networks.

It lets you schedule and queue up content according to an interactive calendar. You can even catch the attention of new clients by customizing your dashboard according to your branding requirements.

6.      Tailwind

Another marketing tool that attracts huge attention from bloggers and smaller agencies operates only for Instagram and Pinterest. Social media influencers are pleased by features provided by Tailwind, such as content promotion and management.

To get Instagram followers on a regular basis, Tailwind provides an added feature that helps you find and select the perfect hashtags and increase your network engagement. It will also provide recommendations to improve your performance on these visual platforms.

7.      MavSocial

It is one of the most easily accessible and affordable management tools, with its main focus on visuals content. A single inbox feature allows you to switch between all social accounts and engage with your audience.

It functions by reporting and monitoring content, reports, and notifications. It also comes with a built-in editing toolkit that allows you to give a makeover to your photos and videos before uploading them.

8.      Social Pilot

It is a very affordable management tool adopted by small enterprises for scheduling and publishing content, managing comments and mentions, and analytics that offers white label reporting. Customers are reassured by the feature provided by Social Pilot, which allows them to connect accounts directly through the software rather than requiring login details.

You can also try out your chance with Social10x, a platform that lets you buy followers or likes for your social media. It provides you with lasting and effective results for your social accounts, as stated by them.

9.      Buffer

One of the most sorted out and trusted social media management tools that improve your social engagement and keeps you ahead for important interactions. Considered an automated tool, it helps you plan and schedule your content in advance and monitor detailed reports of your work.


People in this era are now intermingled in a developing technological environment. Laptops, tablets, and mobiles have taken over the world market. 100 best android apps are installed every day by millions of people just for the sake of having a social life over the internet.

With such an urge comes the need for these Social Media Management Tools, which makes life much easier. The right kind of tool for you depends on what your objectives and goals are in the long run.

Your needs might not match with others, and here it is, where you need to understand which would be a better fit for you. It is of prime importance that you realize and adopt such tools according to your situation and budget.

(Ani Johnson is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. He is associated with follow the fashion and online health media).


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