Five benefits of touchscreen digital directory

The touchscreen technologies have massively evolved over the past few years. Some businesses require way-finding assistance as well as building digital directories. In that case, touch screen technology can prove to be beneficial.

Here’s a list of common places where you’ll find touch-enabled digital directories:

  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Transit Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Colleges and Universities

Remember that each of these businesses has its unique ways to use touchscreens. Additionally, each technique has its benefits.

Let’s discuss the top 5 benefits of touch screen digital directory.

No More Replacing Strips

Before touch screen technology evolved, people had to open the display and then replace the entire strip to update directories. If you have more than one or multiple directories, then this task would consume a lot of time.

According to, with the help of digital directory signage technology, you have to update the information electronically only once. Thus, your information will be updated in the digital directory. You can also share and replicate the same update with other digital signs.

It Creates a Culture That Will Attract New Customers

Do you know that it’s possible to customize the digital directories as you wish? When you do this, you can apply content to the digital directories that are relevant to your business. For example, you can feature traffic, stock reports, and weather along with the digital way-finding display.

It’s also possible to add advertising and marketing features to the displays. For instance, shopping mall management can play the digital advertisements of retailers on different displays all over the mall. Not only this will enhance the visibility of your business, but also boost the revenue.

Adds Value to the Physically Challenged People

Even if a person is physically disabled, touchscreens will also provide them a user-friendly experience. For instance, an arthritis patient can easily click the screen while he uses a way-finding directory to search the doctor’s office or any particular store. Additionally, the touchscreen can be adjusted for visually impaired people. This will temporarily convert the images and texts into a larger font to assist this individual. If you want information regarding the size of touch screens, then view options.

Touchscreen Can Be Used By People of All Ages

In present days, almost everyone is familiar with touchscreen technologies because most people are using touchscreen phones or iPads, or tablets. Even if someone isn’t familiar with this technology, they can understand the process in a small amount of time. All you need to do is to click on the screen when you see your required content. Additionally, some displays have an onscreen keyboard that helps users to find something they need.

Digital Directory Is Compact

One of the most important benefits of the digital directory is the flatness, just like modern television. They are thin as well as lightweight. Hence, they don’t require much space and you can carry them anywhere you want. Even the massive kiosks in the shopping mall require less space than old-school directories. Don’t forget that digital directories consume only a small amount of energy, unlike other conventional directories.


Here are the top 5 benefits of touchscreen digital directory. As the applications and customizations are evolving, the benefits of the digital directory will increase within a few years.


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