The Latest Camera Trends Every Photographer Should Be Excited For in 2021

Photography is both a career and a hobby. Today, many people are taking photographs because of social media. The quality of these photos has improved over the years, with camera manufacturers making better and more advanced cameras.

Most digital cameras are designed for the retail buyer because the camera market has been growing steadily for the last decade. Customers want cameras with advanced features to ensure they post high-quality videos. So, in 2021, cameras with high-end features will be on the rise to meet the customer’s high expectations.

Pocket-Friendly Design

Traditional camera makers like Sony are designing cameras that are pocket friendly. There are already smaller cameras in the market, and in 2021 expect even smaller cameras to be manufactured. Most camera makers aim to design cameras that are pocket friendly to ensure the customer does not require a bag to carry them.

Smaller cameras are convenient. They are mostly used for casual, social media, and recreational use. It is also an attractive gadget for people who want to capture simple images without the hassle of having a big camera. Photographers should expect even smaller cameras with camera manufacturers aiming at making more convenient cameras.

6K and 8K Resolution

Videos are much more popular than ever. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vimeo have depicted the importance of quality videos. Before the end of 2021, expect most cameras to have between 6K and 8K resolutions. These resolutions provide smoother frame rates and good slow-motion videos.

Smartphone companies are also improving the camera quality of these phones. For example, iPhone 11 was integrated with the 4K resolution after it was introduced. So, expect more phones to have a higher camera resolution to meet the customers’ demand for quality videos. The increased competition to have better cameras is another reason why better resolution cameras will be on the market in 2021. Most smartphones today have high-quality cameras capable of taking better videos. So, expect smartphone manufacturers to continue giving their customers the video quality they want.

Advanced AI in Cameras

Smartphone makers such as Samsung and Apple have introduced AI imaging that uses computational photography technology. However, the AI technology can be confusing to some, prompting the need for photography lessons. The blog post,, provides a photography course that educates people on different types of photographs. The introduction of AI has removed the need to hire a professional photographer to take better images when smartphones can capture a similar photo with the same quality.

It does not mean that someone’s work is better than professional photographers’ work, but it is decent for many photographs. For instance, Sony has incorporated advanced features in their A9 mirrorless camera, such as real-time tracking. Other camera makers such as Canon have developed a smart flash while Nikon has the polycam player. So, in 2021 expect camera makers to invest in AI technology because of the increasing competition to use AI technology.

The Multiple Camera Feature

The multiple camera features are a common trend in many smartphones today, but expect this trend to continue in 2021. Since smartphones do not have interchangeable lenses, camera designers usually add many cameras with different focal lengths. Phones with three cameras have various focal lengths, such as wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses. These features are integrated into one phone to provide different apertures and angles to capture images.

Smartphones such as iPhone and Samsung have three main cameras, while Nokia has 5. Smartphones don’t need to have only three cameras but expect them to have more cameras in 2021. These cameras are designed to coordinate with other cameras on the phone to take a composite shot. It ensures the phone captures more depth photos with wider angles. Expect more cameras on a single phone in 2021 to improve AR/VR video photography.

Interconnected Feature

Everyone is using the Internet today. The demand to upload videos and photographs online has increased over the years because of the introduction of social media platforms. Anyone can become an influencer provided they have good content. However, someone needs a good camera and Internet connection. While most smartphones have Wi-Fi and 4G connections, not many cameras have the same Internet connection. So, expect camera manufacturers to incorporate Wi-Fi or 4G modems that allow someone to upload their pictures instantly after taking them.

With these new camera features in the market, taking bad photographs will be a thing of the past. AI technology is taking over the camera industry, and leading manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon are trying to catch up, while Sony is miles ahead. However, the reality is in 2021, most cameras will be advanced and cheap. The camera market competition is stiff, and companies will have to regulate their prices to compete.


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