Five digital marketing tips to grow cannabis business in 2021

Growing your business in today’s competitive world can be challenging. Although cannabis businesses have witnessed remarkable evolution over the years, they still witness several complexities while marketing. Cannabis brand campaigns require meticulous planning to ensure they embrace the regulations while reaching out to customers.

Digital marketing paves the way for businesses to approach their target customers while keeping the laws in mind. It helps increase awareness about cannabis and eliminate the stigma around the plant, which can boost sales. It also provides a powerful platform to approach and engage with the customer segment at significantly lower costs.

Here we will explore five powerful digital marketing tips for cannabis companies that can open your brand up to a world of possibilities.

1.    Explore Apps

Leveraging the power of online markets is one of the best ways to market your cannabis brand. Shopping online helps users search a wide variety of products, compare, and buy products from the ease of their homes. For example, Sunday Scaries presents several CBD variants in the cannabis market to offer more users choices.

Therefore, creating an app for your customers to shop your products online can be quite beneficial. It will also help you send push notifications, sale information, updates, personalized messages to stay in touch with your customer.

Alternatively, you can also invest by purchasing ads in popular cannabis apps such as MassRoots, Leafly, which have become the hub of credible cannabis-related information.

2.    Use Social Media

Social media is a popular and influential digital channel for marketing cannabis brands. Platforms such as Facebook have lifted the ban on cannabis-related groups and pages. This opens up the opportunity to advertise your product and engage with several marijuana communities worldwide.

Social media pages are unique platforms to establish your brand value, announce sales, discounts, and launch new product lines. It is also an ideal way to stay in touch with your target segment. You can participate in discussions and debates regarding cannabis that can increase trust and interest in your products. You can also intrigue your customers with the latest news, research, and other important information in the cannabis sector.

3.    Don’t forget Email and SMS Marketing

E-mail and SMS marketing channels have been regarded as one of the most potent ways to captivate and retain customers for cannabis businesses. Fewer regulations and laws bind emails and text messages compared to other digital marketing channels. It opens the opportunity for brands to communicate openly with users.

Persuading customers to join your email and SMS listing can be beneficial. It is an excellent way to boost sales or create leads as you can communicate important information about discounts, sales, new product lines. You can also offer special coupons, loyalty points, introductory offers to your customers through these channels.

Custom templates with graphics can increase the chances of converting a lead into a loyal customer. It can create a strong community of loyalists for your brand and help you engage with them regularly with much ease.

4.    Hire Influencers

Influencer marketing is a recent development in digital marketing. Cannabis businesses can leverage the power of digital media influencers to take your brand closer to the customers. Creating innovative and informative campaigns in collaboration with the right social media influencers helps engage with your target audience. You instantly inherit the interest of their followers that could help spread the word about your business further.

Reviews and promotions by influencers help instill trust in users to try your product. A Youtube or Instagram video of the influencer talking about your product can get a very high outreach, increasing your sales. Besides visual content, creative interactions such as polls or games can be a strategic way to distribute free samples of your product and introduce your brand to new customers.

5.    Master The SEO Game

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of digital marketing. The process helps to highlight your business on digital platforms in a budget-friendly manner. Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo use powerful algorithms to provide the best results for a users search. Algorithms leverage keywords from the users query and several other parameters to assess a website and identify the best product, service, or solution to provide to the user.

By increasing your score on these search engines, you can captivate the interest of your users instantly. A good score can get you the top listing in search engine results that is a great way to promote your cannabis brand.

One way to achieve a good SEO score would be to introduce local keywords in your web content. For example, users might search for cannabis stores in my area, cannabis stores in Colorado, cannabis near me, cheap cannabis, cannabis on sale. Using such keywords on your website can increase the chances of getting noticed.


Marketing cannabis businesses can be a challenging experience, given several laws and regulations restrict the scope of traditional marketing channels for cannabis companies. The proper use of digital marketing platforms can help you reach out to your customer segment with much ease and improve your brand value. Use these five digital marketing tips from above to campaign for your cannabis brand online and create a loyal following.

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