How to Easily Find Yourself a Great Printer

By Allen Brown

Searching for the right printer can be a tedious challenge, especially if you aren’t well-versed in the various types there are on the market. Some printers offer multiple features; some work better with graphics, and some are more compatible with Apple devices than others. It may sound complicated, which is why we are here to simplify your search so that you can easily find yourself a great printer that’s perfect for your needs.

Consider What You Will Frequently Print

If your daily tasks consist of printing only text documents or a combination of graphics, texts, and photos, this will affect your decision-making process. There are two types of printers to choose from based on what you frequently print: a laser and an inkjet printer. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each will help you narrow down your search.

●      Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are more suitable for printing graphics, photos, and texts as they offer more reliability. Although, it is important to note that the printer will function slower with color prints than it does with black and white prints. Inkjets can accommodate unusual sizes of paper, from large sheets to small greeting card sizes. This type of printer can also function well with various paper and card materials.

●      Laser Printers

On the other hand, laser printers offer better performance quality than inkjets, even though they aren’t as efficient in printing graphics and photos. However, despite its functions being limited to printing in black and white text, some laser printer types do offer decent colored and graphic prints. Laser printers are known to have higher owner overall satisfaction ratings, but they do not work well with various types of material. You can not rely on a laser printer when it comes to photos or any glossy or special paper. Laser printers are more efficient when it comes to speed but cannot accommodate various sized-paper sheets.

Consider Your Uses

As you consider whether to opt for an inkjet or laser printer, you must first consider what you will be using your printer for. Will you be printing a lot of written text for work or your kids’ homework? Do you want to print photos onto hardback sheets frequently? Will you use your printer for scanning and making multiple copies of paper? Ask yourself the questions mentioned above to affirm your choice.

Consider Printer Connectivity Options

If you want to connect your printer to multiple devices, you will first need to ensure it is capable of connecting via Bluetooth. Then, you must check its compatibility with various devices, such as an iPad, laptop, computer, and smartphone, depending on the technological devices you own. Different printers work better with various types of devices. For instance, certain features will be more suited to a Macbook rather than a windows laptop and vice versa. Read reviews about the printer you want to buy, as these reviews can help you ensure that it is compatible with your device. In any case, make sure you proceed with quality research before purchasing a printer. While some printer brands do claim to work efficiently with all devices, you ought to be sure.

Consider Its Functions

Some printers offer multiple functions, which might be more beneficial if you will be using your printer for a wide range of uses. For instance, all-in-one printers will make it easier to fax, scan, and make multiple copies, whereas regular printers are only suitable for printing; therefore, you will need to have other machines to do the other tasks. It’s important to note that if all you need is a regular printer, it’s best to opt for an inkjet, which is consequently cheaper than a basic laser printer. All-in-one printers, on the other hand, aren’t that much more expensive, so it might be preferential to get all your uses out of one machine. However, keep in mind that a printer with multiple functions won’t work as efficiently as a scanner or fax machine would on its own. Furthermore, few printers offer printing on both sides of papers, but all-in-one printers will make it easier to print photos, documents, and book pages.

Buying a printer can make your tasks at home much easier, but you must ensure you purchase a printer that is compatible with the uses you have in store for it. Moreover, consider your ink budget and the type of paper tray you require to narrow down your search. By understanding the different benefits of various printers and knowing what features are better suited to your needs, you will find your search for the right printer much easier and hassle-free. You may also turn cash for toner cartridges that are unused.


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