Most Popular Video Game Cheat Codes of All Time

Since the beginning of gaming, there have been numerous imaginative and innovative ways to level up and beat a game.

In every game style, brilliant Gamers and coders have come up with simple hacks that can and have been used by millions of people worldwide.

From original Nintendo to modern PC gaming, players have used cheat codes to achieve efficient and gratifying victories. Much like gaming technology itself, cheat codes have evolved from simple Easter eggs in coding to more complex and undetectable hacks.

These days, using cheat codes is practically a given for avid gamers. The expert team at believes that cheat codes help create a more entertaining and satisfying game experience. Do you know all the classic and current cheats used throughout gaming history?

Here Are Five of The Most used Game Cheat Codes Ever

1.     The Konami Code

This is one of the most well-known cheat codes in the history of gaming. It was created in the 1980s by Japanese game developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto. The Konami Code is commonly used to give players power-ups and additional lives.

Legend has it that this code was born and delivered to the public in error upon the release of Gradius, an arcade game. Players of this game quickly discovered the code, applied it to other arcade games, and eventually, NES games, most notably Contra.

The code: up – up – down – down – left – right – left – right – B – A

2.     Rosebud in The Sims

The top-rated game The Sims has its own cheat code used prolifically for decades. This vintage code’s namesake is a reference to the classic film Citizen Kane. In the movie, “Rosebud” signifies true happiness and prosperity. Since The Sims is based on real-life, money and wealth provide are the key to the game’s advantages. The Rosebud Code helps players level-up financially.

The code: Control – Shift – C – type the word “rosebud.”

3.     The “Blood Code” for Mortal Kombat

The gory 1990s game Mortal Combat was hugely popular in arcades and on home gaming systems and PCs.

The key to Mortal Kombat’s full experience is bloodshed. The versions of the game adapted for console systems faced censorship. Instead of blood, sweat, or other fluids would appear when the characters would receive a violent blow. Activating the Blood Code allowed the player to see bright red proof of their combat triumph.

The code: A – B – A – C – A – B – B

4.     DK Mode in Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007 N64 players everywhere used this cheat code to enlarge the heads of the enemy characters. It was dubbed “DK” because the comical distortion of the appearance of the characters made them look like they were from the game Donkey Kong!

The DK code is considered friendly and straightforward for all gamers. Interestingly, its function of creating a bigger shooting target could be regarded as a preview of later cheat innovations for First Person Shooter Games.

The code: L & R – Up – C-Right – R – Left – R – Up – Up – R + Right – Up – L & R – C – Down – L & R – Down – L & R + C – Left

5.     Aimbots & ESPs

The previous game cheats and hacks are associated with specific games and are discoverable treasures by most players. Aimbots and ESPs are accessible with the help of technicians.

Aimbots and ESPs have set the standard for cheats and hacks in the World of First Person Shooter PC Games. Gamers use these tools across a multitude of FPS games. As gaming has become more technologically advanced, so have tools and enhancements for players.

Aimbots are software that helps gamers of all skill levels defeat their opponents. Highly accurate shooting is entirely possible with the use of an Aimbot.

Similarly, ESPs have become useful “spies” for FPS gamers. They provide all sorts of data on opposing players. Like in sports or real-life combat, it pays to have intel on your rivals so you can exploit their weaknesses.

These sophisticated undetectable cheats can better any player’s experience in the most popular, often tricky games. There are many talented coders dedicated to developing and sharing these with consumers all over the World.

These are only a few of the innovative cheat codes that exist within the dynamic history of video games. The practice of using video game cheat codes is as old as gaming itself. Though the complexity and outcomes of these codes vary, they remain trendy.

As long as games are being developed, gamers will seek out helpful tricks or masterful aids to beat them.


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