Achieving better Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning with LG DUAL Cool Inverter Compressor

Air conditioning is essential for maintaining thermal comfort in indoor environments, particularly for hot and humid climates. Today, air conditioning, comprising cooling and dehumidification, has become a necessity in commercial, residential buildings and industrial processes. It accounts for a major share of the energy consumption of a building or facility.

However, LG DUAL Cool Inverter Compressor is the recent novel device that responds to strong demand for reduced power consumption of air conditioning systems. This has come at an impressive 65% energy saving for consumers.

LG DUAL Cool Inverter Compressor combines efficient cooling technology, innovative design, and intelligent air-control strategies that reduce the primary energy utilization for cooling. Even with so much energy saving, the end result is 60% Faster Cooling.

One of the striking features of the LG DUAL Cool Inverter Compressor is the GEN Mode inverter technology function that allows for the use of a small capacity generator eliminating the need for a large generator in blackout. GEN Mode function also ensures that the air conditioner is operational even at a minimum of 0.7 kilovolt-ampere (kVA).  Additionally, the capacity to operate at lower power levels, enables other home appliances to be used along with LG DUAL Cool Inverter Compressor Air Conditioner without disruption.

To ensure more energy saving unlike the conventional compressor, the LG Dual Cool Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts the speed to maintain desired temperature levels without frequently turning off and on. This minimal fluctuation saves energy and ensures greater cooling comfort with Precise temperature control. Moreover, Dual Cool Inverter Compressor has power saving operation range frequency that ensure air is expelled farther and faster, thus saving more energy.

Another interesting feature that helps check on efficiency and eventually on power saving, is the Vertical 6 Steps Louver Control. This function allows the consumer to choose the vane direction among 6 preset positions to meet the exact wind blow direction they desire.

By blowing the air quickly and efficiently in the desired direction and at optimum speed, energy wastage is kept to a minimum, which reduces energy usage. Moreover, the 6 preset Louver positions can be operated according to the situation independently. The less Louver positions the consumer uses for vane direction, the less energy consumption.

Truly, LG DUAL Cool Inverter Compressor has cast the nexus between technology, efficiency and power saving, reshaping our perspective of the world of innovative technology.


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