Visa in move to boost Kenya’s SME owners’ skills via education platform  

Visa has announced the expansion of Practical Business Skills, a global digital platform delivering free educational resources to help small and micro enterprises (SME) owners make confident, informed decisions to grow their businesses. The resources are available in English for SMEs in Kenya, as well as in Arabic, French and Spanish to increase global accessibility.   

The one-stop entrepreneur education website created by Visa comes in the midst of the current economic crisis that has impacted millions of SMEs locally, providing tools for SME-owners to aid in keeping their businesses afloat and to identify opportunities for potential growth amidst the situation.   

Corine Mbiaketcha, the GM for Eastern Africa at Visa, noted the significant role that SMEs play in Kenya’s overall economic health. “SMBs are the backbone of Kenya’s economy. It is crucial to empower SME-owners with knowledge, skills, and access to services that support them in rebuilding -or starting- stronger, digitally enabled businesses,” said Mbiaketcha. ”Practical Business Skills is part of Visa’s commitment to provide resources and knowledge to help drive inclusive, sustainable and equitable economic growth for entrepreneurs, businesses and communities here in Kenya and a