Meet the 30 creators and celebs aged over 30 rocking it on TikTok

Known for viral trends and iconic memes, TikTok has been loved by many as a place where spreading joy and information goes beyond age. Whether it’s quick educational videos you’re looking for or fun tips on how to get involved in the latest viral challenge, TikTok is an all-inclusive platform where adults can come as well to not only express themselves creatively but to be their authentic selves.

Still think that TikTok is for teenagers only? Keep reading!

The below list is a mix of 30 TikTok celebs and creators, all over the age of 30, who constantly remind us that TikTok is a place where everyone belongs. Check out their profiles to find educational and entertaining videos that you won’t be able to get enough of.

  1. Terence Creative

Terence Creative has fashioned most of his fun content around a famous character, ‘Kamami’, a Swahili word loosely translated to describe a local Kenyan lady. He also plays hilarious skits most Kenyans can easily relate to.

  1. Teacher Wanjiku

She is among Kenya’s top stand-up female comedians in the country. She has mastered the art of creating short, witty skits about everyday encounters. Teacher Wanjiku is also famous for pulling out-of-the-box classic classroom skits.

  1. Brenda Wairimu 

This sassy actress shows her prowess by leveraging the platform’s incredible features like the duets function and funny face filters which all take her content to the next level.

  1. Diana Marua


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