With the Reno5, OPPO takes phone photography design and features to new heights  

Smartphone vendor OPPO has since its entry into the mobile device market been known as a camera phone brand, a tradition and distinction it has faithfully kept since 2008. For over the past decade it has been developing and launching smartphones in the global market, the OPPO brand has distinguished itself from the competition by its focus on manufacture of camera phones, while at the same time innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs.

And in keeping with this tradition, OPPO last week launched two devices in the Reno series in the local market, that is OPPO Reno5 and OPPO Reno5 F.

Though slightly heavier than the Reno4, its predecessor in the Reno series which weighed 165gms, the OPPO Reno5 (at 171gms). It is also tiny and less bulky at less than 7.8mm thick.

Launched under the ‘Picture Life Together’ tagline, the two latest models in the Reno series come with industry-leading video performance, with the Reno5 debuting the AI Portrait Expert functionality which enables users to express the best of themselves, creatively.

“Today’s smartphone is not just a tool to record our memories – it’s a partner that empowers our own unique way of storytelling and archives the unforgettable stories we share with our friends and family,” said Muthoni Wachira, Head of Communications and Projects at OPPO Kenya, while commenting on the OPPO Reno5’s camera technology and features.

“With revolutionary camera technology spanning both hardware and software, Reno5 gives users the power to magically bring to life the color and the light of the world in their own distinct style. By effortlessly capturing outstanding portraits in video or in photo, night or day, Reno5 empowers us to ‘Picture Life Together’.”

Cameras: Advanced image and video shooting and editing functionalities  

In the Reno5, OPPO has debuted an all-new camera system featuring a 64MP rear quadcam matrix and a 44MP ultra clear front camera. These are further enhanced by the OPPO Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System, an imaging system designed for superior portrait video effects. The system is composed of two engines, the Quality Enhancement Engine and the Portrait Perception Engine.

The Quality Enhancement Engine helps capture clear video in any conditions, no matter whether in night or backlit scenes, while in motion or standing still. The Portrait Perception Engine on the other hand defines fine-grained criteria for portrait effects to help deliver naturally processed human subjects and backgrounds videos. Together, the highly-intuitive system delivers an unmatched experience that not only captures portrait videos in perfect quality but does so in a way that can help users to maintain their unique style.

Powered by the FDF Portrait Video System, Reno5 takes portrait video quality to the next level with AI Highlight Video – the first feature in the industry to automatically detect the ambient light in a scene and improve the video‘s quality accordingly by applying OPPO’s industry-leading Ultra Night Video Algorithms and Live HDR Algorithms. When the user is shooting in dark environments, the Ultra Night Video Algorithms will come into play automatically to brighten the scene, while detection of backlit scenes will engage Live HDR Algorithms to reduce overexposed areas. Both functions leave videos with better exposure and brightness, less noise, and clear and natural colours with just one click of the AI button while in video mode.

Performance of portrait shots on Reno5 have also been given a significant boost with the OPPO Image-clear Engine, a system-level optimization feature which enables users to take clear shots of moving subjects, or quickly capture events as they occur. Image-clear Engine makes capturing events more convenient using the Reno5’s cameras. The phone also supports Ultra-clear 108MP Image, a feature which brings out exceptional rich details and textures in portrait images, thereby giving camera users additional flexibility when it comes to editing.

Reno5 debuts another industry-first video feature: the AI Mixed Portrait. By combining a portrait video onto a background video, AI Mixed Portrait brings the double exposure video effect to a smartphone for the first time, with the result being an all-new artistic effect. The feature comes with two different artistic modes where users can customize how the portrait video blends into the background video, leading to fun and imaginative results. On the other hand, the Dual-view Video functionality allows users to capture videos from the front and rear cameras simultaneously. The double-perspective recording function effortlessly stitches the user and the object they are shooting in the same video frame at once – a perfect functionality for content creators videographers keen to remain in the action at all times.

Finally, the Reno5 retains the portrait features that have become synonymous with the Reno series over the years. These include AI Color Portrait, Monochrome Video, 960fps Smart Slow-motion and Night Flare Portrait, which together offer a more comprehensive range of creative tools for the user to utilise and realize their desired style through their photo and video projects.

Furthermore, OPPO’s powerful and user-friendly video editing app, SOLOOP, is now accessible from Reno5’s camera interface, giving you the option to edit high-quality videos at ease with professional-quality video templates and editing tools.

Security features  

Reno5 also comes installed with the brand’s ColorOS 11.1, thereby maintaining the standard Android 11 features while at same time providing rich UI customization, greater efficiency, unparalleled smoothness, and strengthened privacy which is a key concern for smartphone users.

Colour variants

The Reno5, which comes with new, refined design, will definitely find favour among trendsetters, smartphone photography fans and other trailblazers. The phone, retailing at Kshs 41,999, comes in two colour variants, Fantasy Silver (the colour of the review unit which we have) and Starry Black.

Reno5 is available on pre-order exclusively on e-commerce sites Jumia, Kilimall and Masoko from February 22, 2021 and at all OPPO brand stores from February 23, 2021 till March 1, 2021.Customers who place a pre-order via the e-commerce platforms will additionally receive a pair of free Enco W11 wireless earphones, an OPPO backpack and a bluetooth speaker, while those who pre-order from the retail stores will receive a pair of the Enco W11 wireless earphones, an OPPO backpack and a six months screen protection plan.


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