7 Common Windows Problems And How to Fix Them

For those in the know, using a PC over a Mac or Apple product can have a healthy list of advantages. PCs, and the Windows systems driving them, can offer users an edge in gaming, processing, and general computing. Plus PCs are more easily customizable, and open to just about any modification you throw at them.

That being said, computers and operating systems, in general, are not without their faults. Many bugs or glitches can easily be remedied- others not so much. To assess the problem at hand, it helps to keep an eye out for frequently encountered issues and familiarize yourself with how to remedy them. If you are a PC user here are 7 common Windows problems, and how to fix them.

1.  Slow Boot-Up

This one is a classic issue. A slow start-up process or “boot-up” issues can be caused by many different things. The best way to begin your troubleshooting is by reducing the number of apps that launch when you’re starting your computer. If you have too much going on during your boot-up, or as a reaction to it, it will slow the process down. By finding the startup tab within your task manager, you’ll be able to disable apps you don’t need.

2.  Blue Screen

Oh, the famed screen of blue death, or BSOD for short. The number one dreaded problem to encounter while using a PC is by far this error message, which usually denotes a serious issue and will require a computer reboot. Though there are many ways employees and entrepreneurs in New York City use to combat this, some of the most essential fixes include updating software and harder drivers, and clearing space on your drive. Experienced professionals behind some IT services in New York point out that this issue can be caused by many different things, but inadequate space or outdated software is a great place to start. In the case of a Blue Screen, it’s always better to be preventive than reactive.

3.  Enlarged Icons

This is a problem that has been encountered primarily by Windows 10 users. While the fix is relatively easy, it’s still annoying when the icons on your phone are suddenly disproportionate or take up more room than they need to. To change the size of your desktop icons, you can simply click on the “view” tab and select the icon size you prefer.

4.  Popups in Edge Browser

Pop-ups can be a real nuisance when trying to get any kind of work done using your web browser. Thankfully, there is a built-in solution to this problem included in the browser setup. By opening up advanced settings, accomplished by selecting the three dots at the top right of the window, you should be able to activate the built-in pop-up blocker. Simply toggle the switch to the “on” setting and watch as the advertisements leave your web-browsing experience for good.

5.  Sound Issues

Windows is notoriously plagued with instances of poor sound- but it’s usually caused by old drivers. More outdated drivers might not be compatible or work their best with updated versions of the Windows operating systems. If this is the case, you can find the most current drivers on manufacturers’ websites. If sound issues persist, it might be a good idea to seek out a professional to help you out.

6.  Update Storage

If you need to create more space on your system to make way for a new Windows update, that can be a huge issue. Storage space is hard to come by, and you shouldn’t have to compromise between keeping your apps up to date and having enough room for all of your files. A great way to deal with cleaning and creating space is through the built-in disk cleaning tool. This will save you time and will automatically flag things like temporary files and clean up the registry database.

7.  Invisible Wifi

Having a strong WiFi connection is super helpful until you can’t access it. A prevalent issue with the Windows system is being unable to locate your WiFi connection. If you find your WiFi is not showing up, first identify whether or not you are using a VPN. Oftentimes, VPN software can clash with newer Windows updates, making it hard to see your supposedly trusty internet connection. If you’ve tried disabling your software and aren’t seeing results, you can easily search a variety of short command prompts in your admin bar.

Windows problems can be frustrating, and sometimes time-consuming, but they don’t have to be. If you are having an issue, chances are many others have encountered that same problem. By doing some troubleshooting and taking note of the common examples above, you may surprise yourself with just how easily you can find a solution.


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