Handy Solutions That Will Greatly Enhance How You Market Your Business

Steve Jobs once dropped an iPod prototype into an aquarium just to tell his people, “you can do better.” When the iPod was dropped, it released air bubbles into the water. There was still room to make it smaller. If you happen to lead your system with the same mentality, then you must already be looking for ways to streamline everything about your business, including how you market it. Here is the start of the road to highly-efficient marketing.

Social Media Management Software

Nowadays, social media is where it happens. With 3.5 billion active users, there’s no wonder social media platforms present such an effective marketing tool. Because the platforms are designed for multimedia, the best way to attract users’ attention is through tailoring your information to fit their wants. Through video content, pictures, posts, surveys, or infographics, you can push them to interact with your page and, in turn, up the rate of conversion.

With the number of popular platforms, it’s hard to keep up with your posts, comments, and messages. What’s great about social media management apps and software is that, from one dashboard, you can keep tabs on everything. In other words, you can time post releases, answer messages, reply to comments, and more with minimal effort.

SEO Tools

Not many know this, but there is a science to ranking higher on search engine result pages. It’s called search engine optimization. The process revolves around making your website more appealing for users and search engine algorithms based on a few criteria, but how do you know what to do? The answer is simple. SEO tools. There are many websites and software that take your website, run diagnostics on it, as well as, a few other tests, and they highlight the problems and pain points that you need to fixate on.

For some, their sites are too slow to load and so, no one gets past the homepage, which means, a search engine would never put it as a first choice. For others, the problem is that their websites aren’t secure enough or that the content is repetitive and uninformative. SEO tools help you get your website up there on any search results page which is basically free marketing.

Automated SMS

There are many reasons that contribute to the high effectiveness of SMS marketing starting with the fact that they’re the equivalent of a small pill coated in honey. On one hand, an email requires a certain level of commitment to open, especially if you can’t access your email through your phone, not to mention, there is also the hurdle of email spam filters. On the other hand, according to the information on messente.com/resources/guides/sms-marketing, 98% of text recipients go on to open their texts. Don’t forget that text messages take about a second to read and you don’t even have to unlock your phone to do it. It is, however, time and effort-consuming and quite costly to send out texts to a massive recipient list.

That’s why the solution resides in automated SMS services as they offer cheaper packages, and most importantly, you can save your time by typing out templates and automating the task. What if you suddenly decide on changing your strategy to focus on your existing customers rather than new ones? You can also use your texts to build a better brand image and improve customer relations. There’s nothing that makes a customer feel valued as much as a personal text thanking them for their time and trust or asking them if they’re satisfied with their recent purchase.

QR Codes

If you want to get customers to interact with your website or social media page, all you need to do is stamp a QR code on your product, package, flyer, or business card, even. Using a QR code generator, you can convert your website to a piece of code that anyone can scan with their phone camera. Such a code should take them directly to the page you’ve assigned. One major benefit is that you can use the technology to share a location, product information, business information, and any other piece of data. It’s smart, free, and effective.

As you can see, the ways to take your marketing strategies to the next level all share similar qualities. They allow you to carry on with your marketing methods, but they help eliminate any waste of resources, giving you a marketing process that is as fast, simple, and efficient as possible. Keep in mind, however, that regardless of what medium you use, if your message isn’t strong, no solution will help you. Before you invest your time in solutions, make sure your message is clear and in alignment with your brand image.

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