Guide To Choosing The Right Gaming Mouse On Your PC

A mouse is a device that average users buy at random, choosing by appearance. Gamers, both in video games and in casinos, to get 20Bet bonus for NZ, this approach will not suit them, they need a gaming mouse with improved characteristics, wide functionality, and stylish design. The kind that feels good in your hand and outperforms your competition in every game. In this article, we’ll go over the features of a gaming mouse and how to choose one considering the latest trends from manufacturers.

Design and Ergonomics

Mice for gamers usually have a specific design, guaranteeing optimal comfort even after several hours of play.

The shape really depends on how the players will use the mouse, but also on the size of their hand.

  • Palm Grip: Some players will prefer to put their palm completely on the mouse, this is the most common mouse shape.
  • Claw Grip: Other players will really want to hold onto their mice, curling their fingers over the buttons like a claw.
  • Fingertip Grip: Finally, other players will refuse to put the palm on the mouse, preferring to put it directly on the mouse pad and touch their mice with their fingertips.

You can even find mice worthy of the greatest science fiction movies, with their alloy frame or very bright colors.

However, since this point is specific to each player, it is recommended to try the mouse in a store to make sure that the grip corresponds to the user’s morphology.

Also, to ensure optimal comfort, player mice use skates that glide better than the skates of traditional mice. During long games or fast movements, a mouse that requires less effort to move will provide greater accuracy. Some models even use ceramic skates, which makes the skates almost indestructible and ensures a very good glide of the mouse.

Some Models Have Special Features That Can Be Very Practical to Use

Depending on the game you are playing, look at the number of programmable buttons on your mouse. For example, a MOBA player will need to set up several macros on his mouse, compared to an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) player.

You can find specific buttons, such as a “triple effect” function (3 shots in one click), ballast weights to adjust the mouse weight as well as possible, extra buttons (some mice have up to 12!) and why not several profiles to multiply the number of parameterization possibilities or even a backlight.

Manage Mouse Precision

What Is DPI (Dot per inch)?

The user can sometimes adjust the sensitivity of his mouse himself, which is expressed in DPI (dots per inch). They correspond to the resolution of the mouse, i.e. the equivalent of information that the mouse is able to detect depending on the distance it travels.

The higher this value, the more information the mouse will record over a given distance, which makes it more accurate.

The most powerful mice offer extremely high sensitivity, sometimes up to 16,000 DPI.

At this sensitivity, a large screen and perfect control of the game are required to fully exploit the mouse.


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