Safaricom Foundation upgrades schools and health facilities in Wajir County

Five schools and two health centres In Wajir County have received support from Safaricom Foundation for infrastructure and equipment that will benefit up to 1, 500 people.

Ademasajida Health Centre received a full haemogram machine for blood testing and analysis as well as antenatal care equipment worth Kshs 1.2 million while Mathalibah Dispensary had monitoring equipment worth Kshs 500,000 donated through the Ndoto Zetu initiative.

Dif Old Dam, Busbus and LMD Primary Schools each received a classroom worth Kshs 1 million to ease congestion and eliminate learning under trees among pupils. Sarif Primary School pupils got books worth Kshs 100, 000 from the Ndoto Zetu initiative enabling access to learning materials while Ademasajida Secondary School benefitted from a renovated and equipped science laboratory worth Kshs 1 million.

“Safaricom Foundation has a footprint in all the 47 counties; here in Wajir County, we saw the need to partner with communities to enable access to education and healthcare. Improving these services will go a long way in bridging gaps these communities have to overcome in their every day, “said Joe Ogutu, Chairman, Safaricom Foundation.

Safaricom Foundation invested Kshs 5.3 million in the projects.


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