LG Styler offers families better way to refresh, sanitize their wardrobe at home for healthy living

The pandemic has resulted in increased hygiene requirements at home and all other social places. People have no option other than sanitize their hands, equipment’s they use, rooms, clothes and surfaces they come into contact with in their day-to-day activities

Admittedly, there are multiple ways to tackle these cleaning challenges but, in many cases especially for clothing, the best solution is a simple one that has been around for decades: Steam.

LG Electronics has yet again pushed it boundaries by reimagining the traditional laundry services through LG Styler, further demonstrating a creative new tailored solution to increase the hygiene benefits of technological innovations using the unique TrueSteam technology.

The versatile LG Styler is a reliable and a smart steam closet for apparel, soft toys and beddings. At a time when Sanitization and hygiene are at the forefront of people’s priorities, a smart steam-cleaning closet for use at home seems to be a sustainable idea. LG Styler, certainly offers convenience, as you can pop in shirt and trousers for the night and have them fresh and ready-to-go to work the next day.

Functionally, LG Styler uses the gentle power of steam to keep the finest clothes crease-free and therefore, allowing the consumer to go longer between dry cleanings hence saving on time and money.

The strong sanitization features of the LG styler are even more relevant amid the coronavirus pandemic. It uses the deep-penetrating steam to remove allergens, dust mites, harmful and unwanted germs ensuring that the clothes are properly sterilized by eliminating over 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria.

Through its differentiated TrueSteam technology, LG Styler also works well to sanitize those germs-ridden Sports Equipment and cuddly toys that children take everywhere, and as a bonus, toys last longer and less water is used.

Additionally, the odor-elimination technology helps to neutralize unpleasant and stubborn odors like smoke and perspiration that linger in fabrics. By eliminating the odor, clothes are deodorized and refreshed, leaving them looking and smelling great.

Perhaps one of the convenience-enhancing feature for usability, is the Wi-Fi compatibility with LG Stylers inbuilt SmartThinQ technology which allows the user to operate the Styler remotely from anywhere and anytime. The user can select the programs and monitor energy consumption and time and download up to 20 more programs depending upon type of fabric and cloth to refresh, dry or sanitize the clothes.

Evidently, and as a mark of excellence on the basis of contribution to healthy living and safe lifestyle, LG Styler has earned the asthma and allergy friendly certification from the respected Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American (AAFA) for its superior performance in ridding fabrics of allergens.

Indeed, in the current scenario when hygiene is a primary concern for people across the globe and where consumers are looking for better clothing-care options that ensure their clothes are groomed gently, LG Styler is a perfect fit.

The LG Styler is however yet to be available in the local market.


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