IObit Screen Recorder: The free screen recording software with premium features and capabilities  

With the advent of image sharing and reduced interaction, do it yourself (DIY) video tutorials or demos are becoming mainstream, especially during this time when the pandemic has forced most users to operate from and work remotely from home.

There are several benefits for using a screen recorder. Screen recording gives you the best way to demonstrate how a product looks, how a website portion displays or even how to update a product on an eCommerce online store, or use a certain software without having to share your screen using an online video conferencing software.

Most of the latest tablets and smartphones come loaded with a screen recording feature. However, most computers and laptops do not ship with this as a built-in feature, meaning that you have to download a third-party online screen recorder software to have this feature and utilize its capabilities.

And here’s where IObit Screen Recorder comes in handy. IObit Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder with advanced and futuristic features and capabilities yet simple to use, enabling the user to screen record, edit and save a high quality video in the best format including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF, and guess what in HD.

No Watermark or Video limit

While other screen recording softwares claim to be free, they still have a limit of for example 60 seconds and they also mark the file with a large watermark, unless you buy the premium version. Well, IObit Screen Recorder is completely different and free, and comes with no record time limitation and or ugly watermarks on your videos. All one has to do is just to click and record best videos for as long as you like.

Other sublime features

Did you say slow or unstable internet speeds? You need not worry about this as IObit Screen Recorder can help you manage inefficient downloads, giving you total piece of mind with your project.

Again, unlike other screen recording softwares which do not give you editing features, the IObit Screen Recorder not only  offers you the ability to record but goes further to also get to edit your recorded videos effortlessly.

Compatibility issues also get sorted with a one-stop shop  video transfer capabilities as IObit Screen Recorder supports 17 mainstream formats mutually and unlimitedly including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. Videos from any sources and in any format can therefore be played by the user on any device.

The software is built exclusively for all Microsoft Windows versions, including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Therefore say goodbye to previous incompatibility issues while enjoying features and functionality.

Because of its flexible screen capture features, IObit Screen Recorder enables the user to pick and select any area of their screen then begin recording, whether it is the entire display to a small dialog box. It also supports multiple displays, thereby enabling the user to capture and record every minute detail while doing away with any unwanted parts.

The software also enables you to record the screen while capturing the background audio, allowing you to get an impeccable and top quality screen recorder with audio. With the IObit Screen Recorder, you can rest assured that each and every syllable and detail is captured and recorded, from the speaker and tiny microphone on your headset.

To get a feel and experience what we’re talking about, you can download the IObit Screen Recorder and install it for free here.


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