7 Profitable Small Business Ideas for 2021

Wondering what type of business should you start? Worry no more because this article revolves around top business ideas that are highly profitable and revenue-generating.

However, with multiple ideas in the spotlight, how will you choose one? It can be tough to make a final call. As an entrepreneur, there is only one possible way to shortlist a business idea – Find what you are passionate about.

In addition to that, you must research whether the business idea has high demand or not. In 2021, there are a lot of ideas that are trending and gaining popularity.

However, it can be risky to opt for one of them. On the other hand, it can also help you build a successful business.

To put an end to all these confusions, here’s a list of some money-making business ideas for 2021.

  1. Lawn Care Services

Have you ever taken care of a lawn or garden? Well, if you like doing it and find it peaceful, then this might be your opportunity. It can be rewarding to beautify the natural landscape of a lawn with your own hands.

Often people find it tedious to take care of their lawn. In this case, you can offer them lawn care services which can be profitable to you.

Why is Lawn Care Services Profitable?

  • It requires basic equipment such as gardening tools and a small trailer. This equipment is quite affordable.
  • The number of clients that opt for lawn care service is huge.
  • The growth in this business is rapid, and one can build a company out of this business.
  1. Food Truck

Indoor dining is limited at many locations due to the pandemic situation. However, this might be a blessing in disguise. You can start your own food truck merchant business. All you need is to buy a truck and have some cooking skills.

At first, you might think of it like a wild idea. However, the food truck business is indeed growing. If you are a person who loves to connect with people and are passionate about cooking, then this may be the best business idea for you.

Why is Food Truck Service Profitable?

  • You can buy food trucks of all shapes and sizes.
  • It is more affordable as compared to owning a restaurant.
  • It is a highly profitable business, and you can easily shift your business from one place to another.
  1. Freelance Copywriting

Are you a wordsmith? Do you have the capability to write words that sell? Well, if your answer is yes, then you must try freelance copywriting. A freelance copywriter writes articles, blogs, press releases, and other forms of digital content.

A number of digital marketing companies hire freelance copywriters to drive more web traffic and increase sales through engaging content. Also, you can gain additional skills such as search engine optimization if you have hands-on experience in content writing.

Why is Freelance Copywriting Profitable?

  • A freelance writer earns up to $40-$50 per hour. If you have more experience, then you can earn more than that also.
  • There is no start-up cost required to run this business.
  • You can do this business from your home or any other place also.
  1. Online Bookkeeping

Today bookkeeping is not only limited to offline mode. Advancement in technology allows performing bookkeeping online. If you are a bookkeeper, then you can build your own business and start online bookkeeping services.

Many companies or clients nowadays face issues in keeping up with bookkeeping and accounts. They are always willing to pay a large amount to people who do this job.

Why is Online Bookkeeping Profitable?

  • All you need is a fast internet connection.
  • You can provide these services from any remote place.
  • This business highly profitable, and growth is rapid also.
  1. Medical Courier Service

During these pandemic times, medical courier service is one of the profitable business ideas. If you are good at time management and have a vehicle of your own, create your own medical courier service.

A medical courier service provider is responsible for delivering and transporting items related to the medical field. These include – prescription drugs, medical equipment, lab specimens, etc.

Why is Medical Courier Service Profitable?

  • The Healthcare industry is already expanding.
  • The startup cost is low.
  • No high qualification is required.
  • The Healthcare industry is a stable industry and comes with high job security.
  1. Home Cleaning Services

We all know that cleaning residential properties is essential. To complete this un-enjoyable task, professionals offer cleaning services. It requires simple planning and dedication.

Residents often hire cleaning services one or two times a week. On the other hand, commercial properties need cleaning of their buildings more than once a week. Cleaning service professionals charge an average of $18-$35 per hour.

Why is Home Cleaning Service Profitable?

  • It requires no office space.
  • The operating hours are flexible.
  • The cost of equipment is low.
  • No experience or qualification is required.
  1. Rideshare Driver

It is another great idea of a profitable business. Becoming a rideshare driver is simple – only if you know how to drive a car. You are not required to run a company or be responsible for selling your products.

Uber and Lyft are one of the most popular rideshare apps. They allow drivers to join them and drive customers to their destinations.

Why is Rideshare Driving Profitable?

  • No experience or qualification is required.
  • The operating hours are flexible.
  • No startup cost is required.
  • Rideshare drivers get paid really well.
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