How Google Can Easily Improve Your Business Online

Google is the most common and powerful search engine in the world. If you have an online business, you have to optimize your business for search engines, particularly Google, or risk failure. Google is a great tool that small businesses, in particular, can use to improve online. If your business is doing well on Google, then chances are that it is doing well on other fronts.

Google Analytics in particular offers small businesses tools that can really improve their business. Once you know how to use the different metrics, you can improve your business online dramatically. There are several ways through which Google can help improve online businesses. They include:

Evaluate the Competition

Even if you are a monopoly or the sole seller in a market, chances are there is some competition out there. Most businesses are in industries with a high level of competition. One way in which Google can easily help improve your business is by helping you evaluate the competition. You can do so using metrics provided by Google Analytics.

The benchmarks tab on Google Analytics will help you know where you stack up when compared to other sites in your industry. Though the data may not be completely accurate, it can provide sufficient information on which to base a decision. Once you know where you rank among your competition, you can take the necessary steps to improve.

Find Your Audience

Another way in which Google can help you improve your business online is by showing you where your visitors live. Many site owners assume that their visitors are from their locality but they are often wrong. You can use the Google Analytics Audience tab in the sidebar to find out the location of your visitors. Dissecting the geographical data is necessary to find out the location of your audience as it will provide you with the necessary information.

Targeting the proper audience is crucial for getting the best return on investment for your marketing campaigns. You can hence modify your business to suit the majority of your audience.

Shopping Ads

One of the most crucial elements of improving your business online is to rank high on search engine results also called search engine optimization (SEO).

Businesses have traditionally used SEO to achieve higher rankings on search engine results. One of the ways to increase traffic to your site is through shopping ads. According to, Google is increasingly placing importance on shopping ads rather than search ads. Those that utilize shopping ads will improve their business online. There are several reasons why shopping ads are growing in popularity including they are more appealing, offer more information at a glance, and hence result in more clicks than search ads.

Moreover, shopping ads are good for business online because they bring visitors to ecommerce sites that are already in shopping mode.

Conversion Rates

Though getting more visitors to your site is crucial, what is even more important is customers that actually buy your product or service. One way in which Google can improve your business is by improving your conversion rates. Just like brick and mortar shops, you don’t want people in your store who are only window shopping. Using Google Analytics, you can tell who is in your store to shop or just to look around.

You can hence find out who is only looking, who makes one-time purchases, and who is buying over and over again. You can also find out how long it takes before people leave your site. You will hence want to create a more effective sales funnel which will lead to more revenue. Therefore, Google can help you improve your conversion rates and maybe profit.


People nowadays own several devices which they use to conduct online business. Therefore, your business needs to be compatible with as many of them as possible. One way in which Google can help you improve your business is by letting you know which browsers your audience is using. You can then adapt your business accordingly.

Chrome is the major browser in the world with a sixty percent market share hence many site owners only optimize their sites for use on Google Chrome. Unfortunately, if any of your audience prefers another web browser, your site may not be compatible with it. Therefore, Google can help you find out if your site is compatible with other web browsers. You can hence make your site compatible with as many browsers as possible and improve your business.

Google is a search engine with a wealth of tools that you can use to improve your business. Google Analytics is the big gun in Google’s Arsenal and is what you can use to improve your business in the ways above. Find specific ways that Google can help improve your particular business.


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