Online Courses: Staying safe from home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on, the way we attend school has changed dramatically.

The most obvious change is how we’ve moved to online courses. Under this new normal, online courses, which were originally just a contingency plan, now become the primary form of instruction for many children around the world.

The rapid spike in people using online courses has, not surprisingly, exposed some problems that mainstream online communication platforms always had, but were never too big a deal before. Unstable network connections, low image resolution, and issues in synching voice and images, have been plaguing our kids at “school” for months. But even more is the few high profile leaks of private information that have happened during online schooling.

These leaks have taken a variety of different forms. First is just through the screen sharing that teachers have to use to share materials with students and that students use during discussions. If a student is logging into a class on their phone and has to share their screen, anything that pops up on that phone will be shared with other students and the teacher. Most people have learned to politely just ignore these pop-ups.

Huawei’s answer to this dilemma has been built into the new features that come with EMUI 11. Under EMUI 11’s Projection Mode, new privacy features automatically block message notifications from SMS or chat apps from being displayed to others. Even if you get an incoming call, it doesn’t interrupt or show up on the projection. This not only means online courses and meetings go more smoothly, it also keeps your private information private.

A second feature that’s been built in is a background clean-up function for when you have to video chat. The background of your video can give people on the other end of the line way too much information sometimes. You might be able to schedule your online courses when you are safely tucked away in your clean home office, but not everyone wants to let others know where they are. Maybe you haven’t had time to clean your bedroom, or you are in a coffee shop. What if you have kids or pets that just can’t play quietly today, but you still have to make that 10 a.m. presentation to your boss?

Life just isn’t that convenient sometimes.

So Huawei decided not only to help you hide the mess that may sometimes invade your life and protect your privacy.

Starting from EMUI 10.1, HUAWEI MeeTime, the built-in communication software in Huawei phones, lets you switch up your background super easily. No matter if you are making an incoming or outgoing call, you just touch the pen icon in the upper left corner of the screen and choose a background from the Scene selection tray.

This privacy protection feature may sound like a solution to a trivial issue to some, but is actually a massive first step towards better protecting your privacy and creating better user experiences.

Privacy is something that we care a lot about but too often neglect, maybe because the details and solutions are so hard to understand. By focusing on identifying existing vulnerabilities and creating more secure environments for users, Huawei’s EMUI 11 has gone above and beyond in this regard.


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