Why You Should Consider Hiring Corporate APN Services For Your Business  

With the coronavirus situation getting better every day, things are steadily going back to normal. The same is true for the corporate world. However, one aspect of the global business industry revolutionized forever is the concept of remote work. Due to the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus lockdown across the world, companies had to come up with a solution that would allow them to continue their operations while ensuring the safety of their workers. Consequently, the “work from home” culture came into existence.

As this culture continues to grow, there is no longer a need for employees to be present in the office to access information and get work done. Furthermore, allowing employees to choose where and how they want to work can improve their overall efficiency. Whether they are working at the office, at a client site, or even at home, companies need a fast and secure internet connection to facilitate their employees in their day-to-day business dealings.

An APN, short for Access Point Name, is simply a point of connection between a GSM, GPRS, 3G, or 4G mobile network and another IP network. When you connect your phone to the internet, its data connection must be identified and arranged with an APN. The APN settings in your device make a connection between the phones’ cellular network and another network, like the internet or a corporate intranet.

Let’s dig deeper into what APN is, and how corporate APN solutions could bring wide-ranging benefits to your business.

Expands Your Company’s Private Network

To ensure data connectivity within an organization, it is important to have a secure and stable internet connection. Corporate APN services allow your company to expand its private network globally, allowing employees to access the company network from anywhere in the world.

That would allow you to have direct control over the data and information exchanged. The professionals behind https://saicom.io/ point out that most APN services consist of a pre-built data manager that allows you to keep track of all data-sharing aspects of the devices connected to the company’s private network. That provides you full autonomy to monitor the usage for each connection and also offers features like usage graphs, data notifications, admin controls, reporting tools, and connection location lookups.

Worldwide Connectivity

APN harnesses the power of convergence by setting up a web of global networks. That allows your employees to stay connected from different locations, both nationally and internationally. Also, APN provides you the flexibility to switch between multiple mobile networks so that you can connect to the fastest provider in your area.

Once you subscribe to an APN service, your organization will have access to multiple carriers, eliminating all kinds of connectivity issues. You also have the choice to opt for a custom-made solution package that best fits your business needs. On top of this, APN lets you manage IP addresses, ranges, authentication techniques, and much more. The best part about an APN system is its cost-effectiveness. It significantly decreases data charges and allows you to manage data more effectively without worrying about the cost.

Advanced Network Security

With cybersecurity becoming more important than ever, companies and corporations are worried about their data getting used for unlawful practices. To tackle this problem, APN services ensure secure transmission of traffic within your network to its final destination. It makes sure that your data remains encrypted and is not accessible on the wider public internet. That is made possible via an advanced firewall and a sophisticated network security policy that keeps a tab on all kinds of suspicious activities over the private company server.

One of the standout security features of an APN service is that it makes use of the mobile network provider’s infrastructure, allowing you to connect directly into the private network without any prior security checks or identification barriers.

As an executive officer, you have the prerogative to control which devices can access your network. In this way, you can ensure that only devices with a private key to your APN network can log in.

Location Tracking Services

Another feature exclusive to an APN solution is that you can track your connections and the location from where they are accessing the network. This makes for a foolproof security system that can ensure that your private network is used only by authorized personnel.

Getting quality APN services is a must for businesses these days. Doing so will help secure your connection to the internet and improve how you communicate with it. Moreover, your operations will become more efficient and productive with the help of this kind of service.


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