6 Reasons Why Dash Cams Are So Important For Every Driver

Dash cams are seen around the internet as that novelty item that is used to record interesting and crazy things that you might see on the road. I’m sure everyone here has seen some sort of dashcam video on YouTube and laughed about what they saw. While dash cams can catch some interesting footage, they can also do a lot more for the standard driver. In today’s driving climate, experts are strongly recommending that you invest in a dashcam, especially if you own a new car. Here are several reasons why dash cams are so important for every driver.

GPS and Tracking Features

If you are a company that specializes in deliveries and trucking, you are going to want to ensure that you get every one of your drivers a dashcam. What can they do for you? A lot of dash cams come with built-in GPS and tracking features. This means you can have a vehicle tracking system with camera to ensure that your drivers are going where they need to go while also being safe themselves. If someone in your fleet has a breakdown, you are going to want to be able to locate them quickly so you can get them the proper support and help. If they have a tracker built-in, you know exactly where to send mechanics to help them. These trackers also help to ensure that your drivers are not deviating from their path and are actually doing their job correctly. If you want to have peace of mind knowing that your drivers are safe on the road and going where they are supposed to be going, you should strongly consider getting them a dashcam with tracking features.

First-Hand Accident Evidence

If you get involved in an accident and it is not your fault, you are going to want to be able to clear your name almost immediately. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to do this as you are often stuck in a battle of hearsay with the other driver. With no real proof of what happened, the judge and police won’t be able to make a decision that will benefit you unless there is insurmountable evidence in other areas. This is where a dashcam can definitely help you. Whenever you get into an accident, simply save the footage and have it ready to be presented in court. It will easily overturn any ruling and even allow you to win cases where you might have rear-ended the other driver.

Prevent Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud on the road is becoming another thing you have to worry about. Drivers will often manipulate their cars in a way to create an accident that will appear to be your fault. Once again, if you don’t have any evidence to prove that it is not your fault, you are going to be looking at a hefty payment plus an increase to your insurance. By having a dashcam, you’ll be able to show the police that they were attempting to commit insurance fraud and have them charged and arrested for what they did. Not only are you protecting yourself on the road with a dashcam, but you are also helping out other drivers by keeping these people off the road.

Check-in On a New Driver

If someone in your family has just recently started to drive, you might want to check in on them to see how they are actually doing. With a dashcam, you no longer have to be in the car to see how their skills have improved. After their drive, take the dashcam, upload the footage and take a look at it. You can then provide any feedback or constructive criticism. It is a great way to be able to see how someone is driving without having to take time out of your own schedule.

Record Your Road Trip

Have you ever been on a beautiful road trip full of amazing sights and wish you had some way to record it or keep the memories? When it comes to road trips, not only are the locations you go to amazing, but the journey along the way can also be breathtaking. By getting a dashcam, you can simply record all of it and then save it forever. Watch it back whenever you want or take some screencaps of the video to get some perfect photos you’ll never forget.

These are all great reasons as to why you should get a dashcam. Having the ability to protect yourself on the road is something that you should not take for granted in any way. When do you plan on installing a dashcam?


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