In the LG InstaView DiD refrigerator, storage capacity and energy saving needs are all taken care of  

One of the key factors considered when consumers (and households) want to purchase a new refrigerator is the size or storage capacity of the models available. A 2019 Cnet article even states that the “general rule of thumb is that you’ll want 4 to 6 cubic feet (cu. ft.) of refrigerator space per adult in your household, along with a little bit of extra contingency room. With full-size refrigerators ranging from 10 to 32 cu. ft., this means that a family of four probably won’t want anything much less than 20 cubic feet, and might prefer something even roomier.”

However, the bigger fridge obviously translates to a bigger energy bill, meaning that as the consumer, one will be paying more both upfront (to acquire the fridge) and down the line (to maintain the fridge in terms of energy costs).

In our previous post, we noted that a fridge is likely to use between 1 to 2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) over a full day, translating to a running cost of about $150 (about Kshs 15,000) per year per fridge. The Kenya Power, on the other hand, states on its website that a medium sized refrigerator (rated 150 watts) uses 36 KWh per month which costs approximately Kshs 465, totaling Kshs 5,580 per year in electricity bills.

LG InstaView DiD refrigerator

But all is not lost and this should not be an either-or situation for consumers to compromise and choose between an appliance with a small storage capacity (and less power consumption) or a larger fridge (and higher power costs at the end of the month).

Large storage capacity

With the LG InstaView DiD refrigerator, a consumer (and households) will benefit from the large capacity fridge and freezer space coupled with smart organization compartments to fit all their shopping and food storage requirements, all designed to meet the needs of their lifestyle.

In terms of storage capacity, the LG InstaView DiD, with its advanced technology in high insulation, makes the inside of the fridge bigger to fit more products from its Side-by-Side and French-Door design formats. The refrigerator’s door-mounted slim ice maker also provides more storage space in the freezer section, and can be converted to more freezing space.

Energy saving features

To ensure that consumers and households don’t incur exorbitant power bills arising from the LG InstaView DiD, the fridge comes fitted with energy saving features, including LG’s own Inverter Linear Compressor which enables the consumer to save more energy by adapting efficiency-engineering mechanism.

The LG InstaView DiD is designed in a way that with just two quick knocks, one is able to see inside the DID compartment without the need to open the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer, leading to further saving.


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