OPPO Reno5 and Reno5 F: Designed with the mobile gaming community in mind

Our previous two posts highlighted and focused on various features and specs in the OPPO Reno5 and OPPO Reno5 F, including the VOOC charging technology and the advances brought on the two OPPO models when it comes to smartphone photography.

In this post, we take a deeper look into the kind of benefits and ‘OPPO’rtunities the two models – OPPO Reno5 and the recently released OPPO Reno5 F – will offer the gaming community, especially mobile phone gamers.

90Hz screen refresh rate

First off, on the front of the Reno5, the user is met with the 6.4-inch 90Hz AMOLED screen (with a single punch-hole design) which offer one a more vivid touch, which – combined with a crisp FHD+ (2400×1080) resolution and silky smooth 90Hz refresh rate – leads to a better viewing and entertainment experience for gamers keen to observe every detail of the action.

The 90Hz refresh rate is important for various reasons. Basically, the refresh rate refers to the count of how many times the screen refreshes its image in one second, a unit measured in Hz. currently, most smartphone models come with screen displays with a 60Hz refresh rate.

With this refresh rate, it means that even when the user of such a device is viewing a static image, the screen’s display is redrawing the same picture (or is pushing the same frame) 60 times every second. Higher screen refresh rates, like the 90Hz rate in Reno5 and Reno5 F, leads to markedly smoother scrolling and animations when using the phone as well as less eye fatigue for the user, a key concern for gamers who spend long periods of time on their phone screens.

PUGB Partnership

Still on gaming and the gaming community, OPPO has partnered with Tencent Games and PUBG Corp to launch PUBG Mobile Esports, with the OPPO Reno5 Series – which includes the Reno5 and Reno5 F, being named as the Official Smartphone Partner of PUBG Mobile Esports in the Middle East and Africa region.

As part of the partnership, the OPPO brand will have a presence at PUGB Mobile’s esports events throughout the year and will also support PUBG Mobile’s regional talent development initiatives.

According to YouGov, the Middle East is among the fastest-growing markets for mobile gaming, and its gaming and esports industries, being termed as “likely to witness a boom in the future.”

And like in many emerging esports markets, the Middle East and North Africa is a region where the majority of active gamers play on a mobile device. In Egypt for instance, 14% of gamers play on a console, while 58% use a smartphone or tablet.

OPPO has been an active supporter of the PUBG Mobile esports space for some time, and has also sponsored the China-only version, Peacekeeper Elite. Last year, OPPO partnered with TJ Sports to sponsor the LPL and with Riot Games to sponsor the League of Legends World Championship.

Additional features for gamers

Away from the partnerships, avid gamers will also be delighted about the other Reno5 features developed specifically targeted at them. These include the Gaming Shortcut Mode, Gamer Mode, Bullet Screen Messages, and Adjustable Gaming Touch which work seamlessly to create an ideal environment which enables gamers to completely immerse themselves in entertainment and competition.

In addition to this, the industry-leading encryption methods on ColorOS11.1 have been certified by third-party organizations, including ISO, ePrivacy, and TrustArc, thereby ensuring the safety and security of users’ personal information and data during transfer or storage.


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