Games Companies Promoting Social Change

It used to be that creating a great video game was more than enough to secure you a place in every gamer’s heart. However, in our increasingly socially conscious world, that sometimes isn’t enough anymore. Many gamers are concerned about the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way for them to enjoy their favorite pastime and help the needy simultaneously? Whilst many of us were told that video games wouldn’t be the savior of us all, it seems that actually, they just might be. These are the game companies that are paving the way towards a fairer future.

(TOP: Choosing to play games in a way that could help others needn’t effect your gaming experience, but it could make a big change to a person in need).

Helping Others Game

Many of us take for granted our mobility every day. Have you ever stopped mid Call of Duty shoot out to wonder how much harder it would be if you had impaired control over your hands? If you haven’t then you’re far from alone, but the people behind The AbleGamers Charity did. They realized that disabled people all over the world struggled to get the same enjoyment from video gaming as able-bodied people did and set out to do something about it. They were founded all the way back in 2003 and have been raising money to help disabled people experience the thrills of gaming ever since.

The money that they raise has gone towards pioneering projects which have altered how video games are controlled. Enabling people with difficulty controlling their individual fingers to play using joysticks, or even eye movements. These new ways of playing games are not only providing entertainment for disabled people, but they are also helping to rehabilitate them. Using a joystick might be easier than handling an Xbox controller, but the repeated use can help to create stronger muscles and better control. Over time some gamers are seeing incredible improvements in their hand-eye coordination, which has even helped them to perform tasks more easily in their daily lives. 

Gambling for Good

From time to time, most of us enjoy a few turns of the roulette wheel, a spin of the slot machine, or placing a bet on a football match. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching your horse gallop first past the finish line, or landing a jackpot, but how on earth could we do any social good with this hobby? Apps like GoodBookey allow you to make bets with friends on the outcome of an event. The winner gets the winnings, the stake from both players goes straight to a charity of the winner’s choice. This way of placing a bet means that everyone, even the loser, is a winner.

If you want to do your bit in a similar way but prefer casino games to betting, then you can even organize your own charitable contributions. Online slot machine users could make a pledge to donate any of their winnings that come from no deposit bonuses or free spins to charity. This way all of the money that you would’ve spent on deposits is yours to play with and you only give charitably on what you’ve already been given for free.

Unlockable Content From Athene

If gaming helped you through any of the lockdowns, then the chances are you might have spent some money on unlockable content. Getting to the next stage in your game quicker, or perhaps equipping your character with some fancy new garments are all acceptable things to spend your hard-earned money on. Famous video game streamer Athene realized this and wondered if he could find a way to divert some of the money spent on unlockable content to people in need. This thought was what lead him to find Gaming For Good.

The company was launched back in 2013 and since then has partnered with more than a hundred notable game publishers. All of the games on the platform give proceeds from unlockable content purchases to charity. So far Gaming for Good has raised more than $20 million for Save the Children and its new plans to use blockchain technology to create a Universal Basic Income are showing promise. They have so far been able to implement a new charity donation system for Uganda based charity Giving Works. So the next time you want to sign in to your favorite online game, why not see if you can find it on the Gaming for Good site? You could be having fun and doing your bit for charity.

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