With ColorOS 11.1, mobile gaming is even better and more exciting in OPPO Reno5 F  

While looking at some of the features which are common to both the OPPO Reno5 and Reno5 F in a previous post, we zeroed in on how the two models have some fantastic specs ideal for the mobile gaming community. And they’re quite a number of features.

In the post, we mentioned the screen refresh rate among other features which make the mid-range devices exceptional and perfect choices for mobile gamers, not just in Kenya but in the other 40 countries where the OPPO brand has a presence.

Now however, we want to highlight another feature that’s been installed in both devices, that’s ColorOS11.1, but with more emphasis on the OPPO Reno5 F.

Both the Reno5 and Reno5 F come pre-installed with OPPO’s ColorOS 11.1, meaning that the two models have the dynamic stock Android 11 features while also providing the user with rich UI customization, enhanced efficiency, unmatched smoothness, and stronger privacy and security when it comes to data protection.

And one doesn’t have to worry about unauthorized access to their data with the industry-leading encryption methods embedded on the ColorOS11.1 which have been audited and certified by third-party organizations, including ISO, ePrivacy, and TrustArc. This therefore enables the user to have total peace of mind as they’re assured of the security of their data throughout.

Thanks to ColorOS11.1, Reno5 F users have the ability to modify and customize their phone’s display and screen appearance in a number of ways by selecting and activating the Always-on Display, or Dark mode, leading to a unique and distinct screen display.

In addition to this, inventive features like the Flexdrop and Three-finger Translate with Google Lens come together to increase the overall productivity of the device.

While playing mobile game, functionalities like Gaming Shortcut Mode, Gamer Mode, Bullet Screen Messages, and Adjustable Gaming Touch further provide the user with additional capabilities to explore for an exceptional experience, enabling the user to be completely immerse themselves in the activity.

Let’s now go deeper and look at how these features and functionalities in the ColorOS 11.1 come together to provide mobile gamers with an exceptional and vibrant experience in the Reno5 F:

  • Game Focus Mode: Gives a full immersive gaming experience in ColorOS11.1 when turned on in the Game Assistant menu. It blocks (or disables) all other distractions including notification bars, incoming calls, navigation gestures, alarms and even on-screen volume prompts.
  • Gaming Shortcut Mode: Because mobile games are memory intensive, it’s not uncommon for gamers to have to wait (for even a minute in some instances) for a game to load. However, with Gaming Shortcut Mode, the game load time is drastically reduced by reserving virtual memory for frequently played games. This keeps the game running in the background even after one has shut it down and also automatically skips splash-screen logos and game intros and tips. Gaming Shortcut Mode supports games that follow OPPO’s gaming development guidelines.
  • Game Floating Window: This makes the OPPO Reno5 F more convenient for users who are keen to squeeze in a game or two during their commute (from either work, school or any other outdoor activity). The Game Floating Window keeps the game running in a floating window even when the user opens other apps (like email or mobile browser). All the user has to do is to simply tap on the game’s thumbnail to re-access it once they’re done with the other activity on the screen.
  • Bullet Screen Message: This feature is like the complete opposite of the Game Focus Mode and Game Floating Window feature which we’ve looked at above. It’s common for gamers to disable notifications and immerse themselves fully in their game to avoid distractions, which also means that they may miss crucial (and even urgent) notifications. The Bullet Screen Message feature, will instead scroll messages across the screen to minimize any disruptions while gaming, while also ensuring that important messages don’t go unnoticed.
  • FlexDrop: Enables the user to minimize an app’s screen that can be reopened later, but without closing the app entirely. Flex Drop offers the user an option to minimize a screen to display the app’s full screen, or as small window, or mini window. With FlexDrop, it’s easy to switch seamlessly between different windows and tasks.
  • Nearby Sharing: To enable the user to share their experiences with colleagues (and friends) in the same area or nearby more conveniently.
  • Private Safe: Away from usability and functionality features targeted at mobile gamers, ColorOS11.1 has advanced security capabilities. In the unfortunate event that a mobile device is lost, one can use HeyTap Cloud to quickly retrieve their lost data from OPPO’s own Private Safe.
  • App Lock: With this feature, you can share your phone or give it out to a third party without worrying about the possibility of the person accessing your private files and dat. App Lock and Hide App options enable the user to lock any app against unauthorized access, enabling you to lend out the phone without worry. APP lock can be turned on through a shortcut.
  • Screencast Privacy Shield: When sharing (or mirroring) the Reno5 F’s screen through a TV screen, one’s private messages will not be mirrored on the screen. This feature deactivates banner notifications and status bar (and notification drawer) messages from appearing on a TV screen.
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