Top 6 Android application development trends

Undoubtedly, Android is the most demanding operating system. It absorbs almost 85% of the market share, including 3.04 mobile apps in Google Play Store, including all daily use apps like calendars, browsers, notes apps, social media applications, games, and the list continues. When it comes to developing a mobile application, Android application development gets major attention as Android applications are easy to use and head the future of app development to a new direction. With the booming popularity and delivery of services and products, mobile app development is the one-stop solution emerging with application development trends and advancements.

Android App Development Trends 2021

The acceptance of Android has witnessed several profound changes, mainly supported by improved user experience. It would be best if you illustrated the past trends for keeping up with evolving app trends in the future of the android development industry. Before hiring an android application development company to develop an Android app, you should be well-versed in understanding the Android development latest trends. Let’s dive into the details of application development trends that will evolve the business models in 2021.

1.     Android Instant Mobile Apps

With Google Play Instant’s help, users get free access to try on the app or game by eliminating the installation process as these android development latest trends do not require to get downloaded. These are easy to use as a website and can be operated immediately from the Cloud. Hence, these new technology apps don’t take extra storage of your mobile device. These application development trends eliminate the jumble of various apps on your device. Google has made it easier with its recently launched features for android apps as these app trends can build smaller apps that can be downloaded immediately, allowing users to try out new apps without its installation. Android’s new app publishing format and the Android App Bundle are two steps to get further to offer your users with quick Google Play Instant experience.

2.     Motion Layout

If you are looking out for solutions to bridge the gap between layout transactions and complex motions, Motion Layout is your application development trend. Motion Layout is an application development trends that can help users manage motion and widget animation in your mobile application. It comes with an amalgamation of features between the transition Manager, Coordinator Layout, and animation framework. Being a part of the constraint layout library, this application development trend is accessible as a support library and is also compatible with API level 14. Regardless of the magnitude and complexity, Motion Layout completely describes transformations in XML.

3.     Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Cloud computing has carried a huge amount of computing strength for every organization. It also made it easier to develop AI models that amplify daily procedure and perform unplanned tasks. Accenture believes that the latest android application trends of modern AI can enhance productivity by 40%. The versatility of this mobile app development is both its strength and weakness. You can integrate them for automating other tasks and incorporating image identification, natural language processing and data analytics. Further, it is only the training procedure that has heavy computing. Simultaneously, the present trained neural network can be presented and effectively used on android devices without consuming much of the processor.

4.     Flutter (Multiplatform Development)

Fluter is the new technology apps from Google and is also considered as the future of android development. This android application latest trends framework provides mobile app development using the native interface for platforms like Android and iOS. Various android application development company use this platform to develop new technology apps with flexibility and compatibility. Some of the vital reasons to choose Multi-Platform application development trends are native design, user-friendly, MVP development. As the mobile app developers include Flutter proactively in the app development process, making these new technology apps one of the android development latest trends. Some of the examples of applications developed with the help of Flutter are Reflectly, Alibaba, and Google Ads; they all inherit amazing user interfaces combined with an appropriate set of features.

5.     Google Assistants / Chatbots

Most business owners find their interests to combine their services and product details of their mobile application with Google Assistant in 2021. The principal benefit of using this mobile app development integration can offer your users immediate ways to use the mobile application directly with Google Assistant. Android Slices and other features help developers display the most significant content from mobile app to the users who are using Google Assistant. Since the users of Google Assistants and Chatbots are increasing day by day, integrating your mobile app with these mobile application trends can become a huge target among various app development teams.

6.     APM and EMM

Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management are the two components of mobile application development trends as these advanced technologies are used to boost the mobile app speed. It has become a guarantee tester to check the quality of apps as with mobile app development. It helps in the safety and security of apps and helps employees have a productive data exchange over smartphones.


While these Android app development trends will continue to come and pass over, the most vital thing is to analyze these Android development trends and choose the appropriate app development trends for your business and integrate them into your new technology apps.

This process ensures choosing relevant application development trends that can help you in your android development and analyze several other factors like expertise, budget, business requirements, infrastructure, and mobile app development. To get expert advice on application development trends and which one is best for your organization, hire an android application development company now. They have answers to all your queries.



  1. Wonderful article!! I really enjoy reading your article. All mobile app development trends mentioned by you in this post are marvelous. This article helped me enhance my knowledge. Keep writing and keep sharing these kinds of great articles.

  2. Thank you for sharing this amazing information. You can also add here Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, AR/VR technology makes use of sensory devices to either virtually modify a user’s environment or completely immerse them in a simulated environment. In 2020, sales of AR/VR headsets are projected to reach 5.5 million units (Statista). App development companies like Red Apple Technologies develop apps that are attractive and addictive. Grow your business faster by having an app.

  3. Impressive Post, Along with the fore mentioned advantage, I feel native App’s will be sooner or later replaced by hybrid app’s which is a developing trend.

  4. Hi! Very good article, thank you! These days, users want a really high quality and user-friendly app and it’s very important to give them that. Also, extra features or functions in the app that, from a business perspective, don’t quite make sense, but can attract the interest of users, often play a big role. I’m talking about using AR technology or things like that.

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