How did India emerge as market leader for mobile app development?

While the US has been the leading mobile app market for more than a decade, the hegemony is challenged by increasing smartphone penetration in highly populated countries like India and China. Particularly in India, the app market is experiencing skyrocketing growth every year.

Apart from holding the world’s fastest-growing middle-class population, India also has the distinction of having a multitude of IT hubs spread across the country, from large metropolitan cities to small cities and towns. For the last two decades, the country has already consolidated its reputation as one of the world’s most promising IT destinations.

Apart from being one of the most promising IT outsourcing destinations thanks to its higher concentration of talents and cost advantage, India is also preferred because of the unique cultural attributes and out-of-the-box approaches in solving complex problems. No wonder the country has produced a number of unique app-based startups that made their benchmarks and tracks for millions to follow.

Let’s try to connect the dots that explain India’s emergence as the leading destination for mobile app development.

The low development cost for high-quality apps

India is already known for its large and extensive talent pool across diverse development skills and expertise areas. On the other hand, in spite of the skills and expertise, Indian development companies offer the most cost-competitive pricing for the most challenging app projects across the niches.

The lower cost of development can also be attributed to the increasing demand for app projects from small businesses and startups in the domestic market and the app startups’ aspirations to compete with the large brands through engaging mobile presence.

Flexible hiring and engagement model

Another important factor that always puts app developers in India in an advantageous position compared to the developers in other parts of the globe is the flexible hiring and engagement model for different projects. Indian development companies can allow you to choose the right hiring model as per the budget, development time, and project type.

While hiring Indian development companies, you can always go for dedicated hiring for a closely-knit and committed team. Otherwise, you can also go for a flexible per-hour hiring model. While the choice of the pricing and hiring model depends on your budget and requirements, you always have several choices to choose the one.

India as the global smartphone hardware manufacturing hub

India, for some years, has emerged as the global hub for smartphone manufacturers. Having a global presence with as many as 32 R&D centers worldwide, Samsung has 3 well-equipped R&D facilities in India. These centers, besides creating global solutions, also offer particular solutions targeted at the local market.

Despite having a much smaller market share in India, the other giant Apple already has two development centers in the country. Among other top smartphone brands, LG has already made big investments in R&D facilities across the country. Among the Chinese manufacturers that enjoy great penetration in the Indian market, Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO either already have made or are in the process of making their mind for a big investment in Indian facilities.

Exposure to a highly multifaceted market

Unlike their Western counterparts, app developers here in India need to go through many challenges and development considerations. Thanks to such a well-populated and culturally and economically diversified market, they need to develop solutions to address a whole range of business issues typical to India and its audience. This exposure helps developers to get versed with creative brainstorming abilities.

On the other hand, while addressing the needs of Indian enterprises, developers need to make tight ropewalk to address their budget constraints. This exposure to a huge market struggling with budget considerations while shaping their digital aspirations comes as an impetus for low-cost development and creative output.

Highly talented and flexible workforce

India has been the early adopter of the global IT revolution and one of the biggest beneficiaries. India boasts of a highly talented workforce ready to contribute to any app project with a flexible engagement timing and hiring model.

Having experienced the development challenges with enterprise software projects for decades, IT companies are now turning towards mobile app development. No wonder, in just less than a decade, Indian IT companies came to the forefront of mobile app development.

App developers’ flexibility makes it possible for companies from different parts of the globe to interact with the developers, take a call on quality parameters, and decide on the project. This flexibility of choosing the right technology and approaches make companies prefer outsourcing mobile app development to India.

Leading apps across all niches

Once successful examples are set, they create inspirational momentum for many others. This is true for the Indian app market. The overwhelming success of Snapdeal or Swiggy soon inspired many startups to come with their app-based business offerings. Over the years, India produced hundreds of globally successful and path-breaking apps across all niches.

This gave a distinct status to Indian developers and development firms. The success of several startup apps that started really from a miserable scratch has created landmarks that many developers continued to follow and made their successful journey possible. These success stories continued to help the app market in India thrive and prosper.


From the above-mentioned reasons and elucidation, India is likely to continue at the front seat of revolutionizing mobile app development. As the app market continues to grow exponentially enough, India will play a major role in realizing the app market’s promises. New and innovative technology breakthroughs and creative brainstorming are two important factors to make enterprises think favorably for outsourcing app projects from India. India’s position as the leading IT outsourcing market is likely to grow for years to come.

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