HUAWEI AppGallery, a convenient, secure and easy-to-use App Discovery Center

Since the introduction of smartphones and their accompanying Apps, life has been made so much easier. Nowadays, a user can do almost anything without having to leave the comfort of their home. From banking and ordering groceries, to continuously learning and upskilling themselves, and staying entertained; a person can do it all just by a swipe of the index finger

For maximum convenience, users turn to App Market. These hubs bring together thousands of sought-after Apps and present these in a central place where a user can browse through all their favourite apps.

HUAWEI’s App Discovery Center 

For HUAWEI smartphone users, their dedicated App Market is HUAWEI AppGallery. Launched in 2018, the official App hosting and distribution platform for HUAWEI boasts thousands of top local and international Apps and games, which bring convenience, fun and functionality to users lives. Spread across 17 categories, including business, education, entertainment, finance, food and drink, and shopping (just to name a few), there is bound to be an App that fulfils every users’ needs and wants.

For all the mobile gamers, HUAWEI AppGallery contains thousands of fun and challenging games. From action and puzzle games to role-playing, sport and strategy games; there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Guaranteed User Privacy and Data Security

Aside from HUAWEI AppGallery providing access to thousands of Apps and games, another distinguishing element for the platform is its focus on quality and safety. Users can be secure in the knowledge that while they are browsing through and using the platform to find their favourite apps, their privacy is safe and their data is secure. With user privacy, data breaches and data leaks top of mind in today’s world, HUAWEI AppGallery uses a unique quad-level security detection mechanism, which implements four “locks” for app downloads. This ensures optimal security in all scenarios.

Every App available in HUAWEI AppGallery also undergoes a stringent screening system, which includes rigorous screening, monitoring, certification and re-inspection. This process successfully identifies and isolates malicious or rogue Apps before they can do any harm to their devices, before being downloaded.

Gifts, Rewards and Prizes 

In addition to offering Apps and games in a highly secure environment, HUAWEI AppGallery offers even more to users. Just for their participation and activities on the platform, users can receive prizes and special offers including HUAWEI devices, retail vouchers, HUAWEI Cash Coupons, in-game and in-app vouchers, and coveted HUAWEI Points from the regular competitions and promotions which HUAWEI AppGallery runs.

A Fresh User Experience 

The HUAWEI AppGallery interface was recently revamped in order to provide a fresh and even sleeker user experience. Now, more than ever before, it is easy for users to navigate around the platform while they look for their favourite Apps and games. Dedicated Apps and game pages segment the two categories, while curated App and game collections offer the best of both, as well as guidance on what the must-have Apps and games are.

Start exploring HUAWEI AppGallery today by clicking here from your HUAWEI smartphone. From hidden gems and surprising additions to all your favourite Apps and games, HUAWEI AppGallery has what you desire.


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