4 ways businesses are using AI to improve their operations

Artificial intelligence has been ingrained into our lives for years. From Siri to self-driving cars, AI has undoubtedly changed the landscape of our reality and made performing tasks more efficient. This influence that AI has also extends to the business world.

Most businesses now also have an online presence. And with the prevalence of commerce being done online as much as, or even more than in physical settings, AI has its influence in a lot of companies – from tiny startups to large conglomerates.

This massive integration of AI in business processes has paid off for businesses that have AI involved in the running of their daily tasks. Shorter processing times, better customer feedback, better quality – all these results come from AI integration.

Ways that AI improves business operations

AI is not just concentrated in one area of business. It can be integrated into any process in any silo as long as there is a need for it. Various business processes have improved because of automation and machine learning and other AI systems.

Better hiring

We’re not just talking about getting talented hires. We’re talking about getting your job postings to the right audience. We’re talking about automating the data capture, doing the vetting, and determining culture fit.

Certain AI systems can help your recruitment team to formulate job descriptions that would better explain what is needed for your job posting. Better, more accurate job descriptions will snag you more of the candidates that fit the job. This will improve the quality of your candidate pool.

Applicant tracking systems speed up the hiring process by automating tasks like setting schedules, sending updates, and triggering workflows. This will help you keep track of your applicants without the burden of manually doing the repetitive tasks needed to accomplish things.

Even automated emails that companies send out to applicants are dependent on AI systems. These emails provide applicants timely feedback or acknowledgment of their application. This helps improve the candidate’s experience.

AI takes the time-consuming, menial tasks from recruiters giving them more time to dedicate to getting to know the applicants. This will give them more time to get a better feel of the candidates and determine whether they are a good fit for the company and the role or not; thereby improving the quality of new hires.

Better customer experience

Businesses today usually have an online presence. They have websites where their customers can peruse their wares and services and decide they want to avail of them.

Programming your website to track how your customers use your webpage is an excellent way to get a pulse on what they need from your business. There are AI programs that track every click or movement of the mouse, and the timestamps of how long a customer spent on an area of your site. With this data, you can extrapolate which products are more popular and which ones need to be more prominent in your page. This also allows you to provide a more personalized experience for your customers.

If a customer was browsing tennis shoes for a few minutes, exited your site and then came back at a later date, your system could automatically take them back to the last page where they were browsing and show them products that would cater to their interests. Interests that you gleaned from how they navigate through your page. Customers that feel a more personal touch coming from their favorite brands will become repeat customers. Repeat customers translates to revenue down the line.

Going green

More people are now environmentally conscious. And the more people get involved in green, sustainable movements, the more they start to expect businesses to follow suit. It’s no longer a game of simply trying to tickle your customer base’s fancy by coming up with new products, it is also about doing that while being environmentally friendly.

AI programs can help you keep an eye on your company’s carbon footprint and ensure that you remain compliant to environmental regulations. Corporate carbon management has become popular in recent years. The less carbon footprint your company has, the better for the environment and for your business. Going green can save you some money in the long run. Sustainable practices like removing plastic utensils and disposable cups from your pantries and encouraging your employees to bring their own tumblers and utensils go a long way in cutting down your monthly expenses in office supplies.

The best part of that is, you’re saving money while helping stave off the negative effects of climate change on our planet. It’s a win-win for you, your customers, and the planet.

Enhanced workflows

Certain workflow processes can be tedious, repetitive endeavors that take up too much time. Time better spent on other, more productive tasks.

Integrating automation into workflows will cut down the time spent on these tasks. And it’s no longer just simple automation. New systems now use machine learning. These enhanced systems can learn from past runs of the workflow to reduce errors, and process data better and more efficiently. And should any errors occur within the system, a quick call to your IT service provider should set things right in no time. Your team doesn’t even have to fix the system themselves.

Automation forces your teams to take a look at their processes and discover redundant steps or workflows and streamline processes. Automation reduces human error and makes the entire process go quicker. It takes a load off the shoulders of your employees and gives them time to pursue other productive endeavors.


AI has vastly improved the way businesses are run. It has made business processes quicker and customer service better. It has even helped businesses improve their bottom line.


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