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Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to sharpen your current skills, a first-time job seeker, or hoping to find a new position, helpful tools on your smartphone can come in very handy. Especially, if you don’t have permanent access to a computer or laptop. So, on this Worker’s Day take your career to the next level with the help of some easy-to-use work apps on HUAWEI AppGallery. Here are some app suggestions to help you.


This App enables you to stay organised and get more done. It’s a free all-in-one to-do list, calendar, and reminders App. If you struggle with time management and are forgetful, then will be a huge help.

Key features:

  • Turn your calendar into a productivity tool
  • Add tasks and manage shared projects
  • Label to-do lists with colours to set priorities and categories
  • Prioritise tasks and checklists with the daily planner
  • Add and review to-do lists instantly with the home screen widget
  • Add recurring reminders for repeating activities, meetings and appointments
  • Set reminders for once-off events
  • Get missed call reminders so you never forget to call back
  • Receive meeting follow-up reminders to ensure you perform important actions.

Download this App by clicking here from your smartphone.

  1. Resume Maker

Resume Maker helps you create a professional CV with complete functionality, and even has a photo feature. It saves your CV in both PDF and image formats. You are able to build multiple CVs with this App so you can make changes according to the position you’re applying for. Once created, you will then be able to view all of them in the CV Collection option on the main screen.

Key features:

  • Very easy to fill in information
  • No expertise required to create a professional CV
  • Comes with templates
  • All you need to do is write your information and the app will create a professional CV for you.

Download this App by clicking here from your smartphone.

  1. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The Microsoft Office App contains the full suite of products you have come to know and rely on, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, this App has new functionalities that harness the unique capabilities of your smartphone to create a simpler, yet more powerful Microsoft Office experience on-the go. Whether using it for personal or professional reasons, the Office App is designed to be your go-to place for getting work done on a mobile device.

Key features:

  • The most widely used tools for working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all from a single App
  • Create, edit, and work together with others on Office documents in real-time
  • Use templates to easily get started with budgets, your CV, presentations, and other documents
  • Easily store, access and search for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in your personal cloud storage, on your device or across your organisation (if using your work account).

Download this App by clicking here from your smartphone.

  1. Scanner

Think of this App as your handheld scanner that comes with high-definition scanning and accurate identification. Scanner is an OCR text scanning recognition software that can scan your documents, certificates, business cards, contracts, and photos. It can also quickly and accurately extract pictures and recognise these as editable content.

Key features:

  • This App shoots documents on your mobile phone, automatically removes cluttered backgrounds and generates PDF files or Word documents with one simple click
  • It allows you to categorise, classify and summarise all kinds of documentation,
  • You can search tags or titles with one click to quickly locate the document you want
  • The App provides precise trimming and automatic colour adjustment while quickly generating high-quality documents
  • It automatically locates the picture frame and corrects the trimming of the image
  • With this App you can easily share documents via PDF format, Word format, TXT text, or on major sharing platforms.

Download this App by clicking here from your smartphone.

With such a stellar offering of Apps to aid you in your journey to employment or promotion and beyond, HUAWEI AppGallery can aid  you in landing your dream job or even to kickstart your own business.

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