10 best examples of health and wellness branding

In the age of brands, new categories and players are constantly rising, widening the customer base and choices. The health and wellness industry is growing manifold with digital groceries, health-smart products and apps, online fitness attire, Wi-Fi health coaching and practice, organic and wellness supplements, and health foods. The $4.5 trillion global wellness economy is redefining this vertical.

Simply looking at the healthy ingredients and packaged foods’ calorie information isn’t enough. You can try out powdered extracts of Kratom to achieve good health but before going forward you can check affordable bulk rates of Maeng Da Kratom. You should aspire to consume existing and upcoming wellness brands made with eco-conscience for a healthy and sustainable future. Here are ten top health and wellness brands to consider in 2021. 

1.    BuyMyWeedOnline Virtual Marijuana Dispensary

Buying marijuana and weed accessories is now virtual. BuyMyWeedOnline is an online cannabis dispensary offering different strains of cannabis with different levels of potency. Find medical cannabis and concentrates, shrooms, vapes, CBD, topicals, rolling papers, bongs, hemp seeds on the portal for your medical and recreational wellness. Browse kush station online canada to get cannabis products delivered to your doorstep at budget-friendly prices.

2.    Super Shrooms Your Body Vitality

Give your coffee obsession a break with Super Shrooms. This mushroom-based coffee alternative clears your brain fog, balances your mind and body, and is tastier to the last sip. A tempting latte blend of medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic spices, cacao, and masala chai makes Super Shrooms a delicious and nutritious way to recharge your morning rituals.

3.    Organifi With Superfood Blends

Give your taste buds a nutrition boost by choosing Organifi superfoods delivered to you. Over a million people have experienced Organifi’s health benefits. The brand’s Sunrise to Sunset Power Bundle comprising Red Juice, Green Juice, Gold helps fight colds and flu, makes you feel active and rejuvenated, and eases your body. Organifi’s gluten-free, keto-friendly, organic, and vegan products support sustainable farming practices to rebuild our planet.

4.    Mirror Is Your At-Home Fitness Pal

The pandemic blues are making many suffer from sedentary lifestyles. Belly fat, anxiety, stressed nerves, and depression is affecting work performance and body health. The Mirror at-home fitness concept brings an immersive interactive experience in workouts. Launched in 2018, this hi-tech fitness device helps registered customers participate in live fitness classes at home. Certified trainers provide motivation, and camera technology optimizes learning across multiple workout genres.

5.    Fitbit To Wearable Fitness

By 2022, wearable fitness technology may cross 12 billion dollars. Smartwatch, handwear, and components are the ace runners in the fitness field. Fitbit is at the forefront of this wearable change. Fitbit activity trackers and wristbands are gaining momentum in the health and fitness market, helping you live a balanced life by tracking your all-day activity pattern, sleep and exercise quality, and time and weight. Fitbit also lets you pay from your Fitbit watch or tracker without a card swipe or cash payment.

6.    Mindbodygreen Is Health Consultative

Mindbodygreen believes in bringing you a 360-degree approach to holistic well-being. This lifestyle brand publishes authority content from reliable voices on clean eating, breathing, moving, connection and purpose. The company circulates ground-breaking discoveries, personal stories, and well-being formulas. Whether it is learning functional nutrition tools, energy balancing techniques, ethical and clean beauty, or shopping probiotic strains, Mindbodygreen delivers crisp wellness tips.

7.    Kynd To Skin Health And Immunity

Kynd is an Australian brand started by Matt Stenmark that specializes in sustainably packaged health and beauty supplements. The brand statement ‘kynd to you, kynd to others, and kind to the planet’ portrays the company’s support for humanitarian causes. Kynd has donated over 13,000 Immunity products to the needy, homeless, and women refugees as of October 2020. Scientific evidence-based multivitamin pills for women in their 30s to Double Strength Fish Oil tablets for post-50s show a little of Kynd goes a long way in healing people.

8.    TALA Redefines Athleisure

TALA launched in 2019 and brought an inclusive approach to women’s high-performance activewear. Revenue-wise, the brand is a $3 million company that believes in producing sustainable style clothing without compromising on fits and style. Shop incredible and sustainable loungewear, tracksuits and bottoms, tops and vests, hoodies and jackets, sports bras, shorts, leggings that won’t cost the earth.

9.    Malibu Mylk For Oat Lovers

Milk from flaxseed is an incredible product that came up in January 2019 in Los Angeles. An entrepreneurial journey started by Brittany; the brand delivers nutritious low-calorie flax milk at your doorstep. Price-friendly and sustainable packaging with no refrigeration need, you get Fiber, Omega-3s, and Probiotics mix in unsweetened form.

10.   Superfeet For Insole Comfort

Your feet and ankles go through daily grind and stress. Ill-fitting insoles can give you a tight-fitting boot experience. Footwear insole manufacturer Superfeet has products for hardcore athletes to sedentary walkers. Alpine exploration to trail running, Superfeet insoles gives your feet life-changing comfort and care.


New-age health and wellness brands help bring habit and activity transformation in working people, inactive teenagers, and adults. Support this health initiative by purchasing their products and stay fit-inspired by adopting physical exercise, dietary changes, and mindfulness.

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