Equity Afia opens 5 new medical centres which incorporate AI and telemedicine in diagnosis

Equity Afia has opened 5 new medical centres in South B, Ngong Road, Kitui, Juja and Pangani bringing the franchise’s network to 41. Using the Hub and Spoke franchise model, Equity Afia is focussed on increasing access to medical services across Kenya in both urban and rural locations.

Additionally, in pursuit of Equity Afia’s purpose to offer quality and affordable healthcare services to all, Equity Afia Ngong Road has invested in modern technology to diagnose, treat and manage patient care. The clinic’s visual acuity test now incorporates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabling the optometrist to diagnose and interpret the overall vision of a client.

(TOP: Equity Afia Ngong Road Medical Officer In-charge Dr. Benson Karimi demonstrates how the medical centre will incorporate telemedicine in patient diagnosis, treatment and management of care. Equity Afia has opened 5 new medical centres in South B, Ngong Road, Juja, Kitui and Pangani bringing the franchise’s national network to 41 clinics).

The technology will complement an optometrist’s expertise with AI capabilities that analyse multiple patient eye scans and patient’s medical history thus giving a diagnosis that has proven to be 99% accurate with the other manual visual acuity scans or tests.

In addition, the medical centre has additional licensing to apply telemedicine in its day to day patient diagnosis. A service that will allow clients to get additional trusted opinion from other industry experts from top local teaching and referral hospitals and other international hospitals in Canada and Australia. Equity Afia Ngong Road medics can now get secondary opinion by speaking to other professionals and examining a patient’s medical history and medical results.

Commenting during the opening of the clinic, Equity Afia’s GM for Health Gilbert Muriithi said, “Incorporating technology in medical diagnosis will allow our clients to have additional choices in their health seeking behaviour. Equity Afia customers can now get secondary opinion from other trusted specialists in Kenya and across the globe.”

Further to the use of AI and telemedicine, the new clinic has diversified its offerings to offer pharmaceutical delivery services and home-based care medical services. Solutions that seek to increase efficiency and enhance customer experience.

As part of enhancing customer experience turnaround time, a dedicated Equitel line has been set aside through which customers can, in liaison with the facilities engage insurance for advance pre- authorization of prescriptions and procedures, book appointments and have their medicine and other supplements delivered to their door steps.

“Our home-based care medical model will allow us to increase efficiency by enabling us to collect samples from our clients, offer nursing services such as care for diabetes patients, post-partum care for mothers and babies and medical consultation from the comfort of their homes and offices as part of our sustained patient management and care.” said Dr. Benson Karimi, Medical Officer In-Charge Equity Afia Ngong Road.

In line with Universal Health Coverage, Equity Afia medical centres have been established with the sole purpose of increasing access to quality healthcare services through offering quality and standardized services at affordable costs.

“As Equity Group Foundation, we purpose to ensure increased access to quality and affordable medical services for all. We are glad to commission yet another clinic that will be more of a speciality facility and we will continue to innovate and find new ways to utilize the latest digital technology to expand care. Our facilities are NHIF accredited and we accept several Insurance cards. With this, Kenyans from all walks of life can access our services at a pocket friendly costs.” added Gilbert

Equity Afia is an initiative under the Equity Group Foundation that is using franchising principles to train and mentor a network of medical entrepreneurs, who are qualified alumni of the Equity Leaders Program (ELP). The main goal is to ensure sustained improvement of the health and well-being of Kenyans by increasing access to and utilization of quality, affordable and standardized healthcare.


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